I can’t believe how much my family does in a day!


My sister in law and I ran down to my nephew’s soccer game. It’s great to get out, but it always reminds me of how slow I really am. We also ran back and stopped at the top for squats, dips, pushups and calf raises. It was more exercise than I expected to get!


I finished my current book through small reading times throughout the day! The Alice Network by Kate Quinn was amazing!!! This story takes place in two different time periods -1915 and 1947 and follows Eve, Charlie and Finn on their adventure. They are looking for people who made a big impact on their life.

I don’t love scary books, but this book, even with a few graphic moments just had me addicted! I couldn’t stop reading actually finished the 500 page novel in less than a week!

You should pick this book up!!


We went over and had drinks with one couple while the children were scootering.

We then came home as my brother had another couple coming for dinner. I ate way too much of the amazing meal my sister in law made!

The kids were so cute as they were marching around the house dressed up as different people. It was great to see kids engaged in creative play rather than screens!

I was happy when the couple went home about 9:30 as I was exhausted! This seemed like a much busier day than I’m used to!

28 thoughts on “Wow Busy!

      1. Ha ha – I think of you as young since you’re younger than me!! I used to feel old when I saw my boss at the diner’s kids all grown up.
        They had a 90th birthday celebration for him and I was invited … saw the kids all grown up and now I keep in touch with a coworker (his granddaughter) on Facebook and see those young kids now with gray hair and they are not just parents, but grandparents! I feel really old when I see that. My current boss used to bring his kid to work sometimes … he was not even in school yet, and Robb’s wife was a third-grade teacher, so if daycare was closed, he’d bring Mac to the office … Mac is now going for his masters in law and 27 years old.

      2. I have the same problem as when I started teaching the parents were all older than me and now they’re all younger. It’s even worse when previous students are now adults!

  1. Thanks for sharing the book suggestion! Wow, that pork looks perfectly cooked! It makes me so happy the kiddos were using their imagination & creativity outside a screen- it’s one of the things that saddens me the most about the younger generations (what happened to playing outside?!) I totally sound like a curmudgeon, but I had to say it!

    1. Thankfully these two kids have limited screen time and actually spend a lot of time just playing and running around the neighborhood with friends.

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