My day changed and it has been lovely!


We started our penguin research books this morning. We didn’t get as far as planned, but it went well. I love how excited the children are- they’re bringing stuff on penguins from home!

We also had a visit from the local librarian. They run a contest about the best book of the year and then a random class wins a new book a month for the rest of the year. I’ve never won:(

Finally this afternoon we did our science experiment. On Tuesday we learned how a penguin’s skin is waterproof and today we used a blubber hand to learn how a penguin stays warm. The kids were super intrigued and enjoyed the experiment.Amazing to think something this simple brings such giggles and learning!

My lunch was unfortunately taken up with a meeting so I am once again behind in reading your blogs:(. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

This afternoon I spent the seven minutes of silent reading, reading on the carpet with the kids. Afterwards, one girl told me it was so quiet she almost fell asleep. It was probably the best silent reading period we’ve ever had! Who knew my reading would make a difference!


I escaped as early as possible after finishing the prep for the week and getting the calendar ready for the new month and having a parent meeting. My running buddy had texted to say she was sick and though I’m still not feeling all that great, I headed out for an easy run.

It turned out to be a good run:). This evening I looked back on my exercise this month and I’ve actually managed to exercise 84% of the time. Unfortunately me eating has been deplorable so that will be my focus next month. I’d like to get to that 80% balance!

I keep remembering my mom saying that only that which is measured will improve, so I looked at my running this month. I have done 97.5km. I was aiming for 100km but know I will easily make up the 2.5km in nicer weather months. I have done:

2km- 2 runs

3km- 5 runs

4km- 4 runs

5km- 5 run

6km- 3 runs

9km- 1 run

Next month I would like to eliminate the 2km runs.


I am still reading The Hating Game- though I did make myself do my dishes first! But now, I’m going back to it!

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “A Nice Break

  1. I, too, would get rid of the 2km runs, as well as all the rest of them. Unless I am afraid for my life, I’ll never run again. That said, I enjoy reading about your running experiences.

      1. I realize you are on the opposite end of the spectrum from me. I admire you tremendously for all the exercise you get and wish I would do a tenth of your program.

  2. That running list is pretty incredible for January, I think! My exercise has been pretty lame all month, but today will be nice and Max and I are going to the park for sure! My eating has been much better as of late, and I have dropped most of what I gained this fall. I think I just had to commit to getting the scale twice a week, and that seems to have made it easier to say no!

  3. sounds like a good day. I miss being able to have those silent reading times. when I taught 1st one of my favorite moments was flashlight Fridays where we would turn off the lights and the kids would read by flashlight for 25-30 min. they always look forward to it too

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