Month in Review

i can hardly believe that today is the last day of February!! How is it possible to be through two months already?


Ugh a child said something cute today and I don’t even remember what it was:(

We had an Aboriginal Education speaker come in and discuss community with out grade 1/2 classes today and I learned a lot! I liked how the lady had the children brainstorm parts of the community and then tied them to what existed in historical aboriginal communities. I like having AbEd come in for this type of lesson as I’m always worried about messing up all the Aboriginal content we now have in our curriculum.

We actually got to math today and practiced our doubles facts. The grade 2s loved that I referred to their work as level 2. It also helped that I had two new games for the children to play when done to practice their doubles facts.

This afternoon we brainstormed places and people in the community. It went pretty well and the children came up with a lot.

We also got to visit the K/1 class to see their science museum where they were displaying what they had learned about sound and light. It was a bit of a zoo, but my class learned a few things:)

My co- teacher and I were very efficient this morning and got our last report card written this morning along with our planning and the prep was done during the day so all we had to do after school was help set up gymnastics equipment. It’s annoying that a few teachers didn’t even bother to show up to help:(


I finally got out in daylight for a run. It felt like it’s been forever since I ran, though I suppose it was just Sunday. I think I do better when I run every day than when I take a break as today felt tough. It ended up being a fast pace though.

The park where I ran tonight, but on a nicer day:)

I just looked at my February calendar and I managed to exercise 93% of the days. I’m happy with that as I exercises 26 out of 28 days.

This month I have ran 81.2km, so I yet again didn’t make the 100km goal I had:(

I have done:

2km- 1 run

3km- 3 runs

4km- 7 runs

5km- 3 runs

6km- 2 runs

7km- 1 run

My goal was to not have any 2km runs this month, but last Sunday when I ran to coffee did that goal in, though I did find that I pushed myself a couple of times to get to 3km rather than stopping with a 2km run, so I guess it helped a bit. I think my goal for March will be to actually get to 100km as I haven’t made it yet!


This evening I finished my current NetGalley book, One Summer In Paris by Sarah Morgan. I am slowly getting through all the books that came in at once:)

This book tells the story of Grace and Audrey and all the people their lives touch in one summer. While Grace is a mature 47 and Audrey is only 18, they share a lot in common. Their paths merge for one summer and they are able to help each other immensely to become the women they were meant to be.

This book was lovely! It is all about love and all the emotions that surround it.

I love how both Grace and Audrey need to find out who they truly are. It’s neat that Sarah Morgan explores the concept that this self discovery comes at different times for different people.

I think this would be a good book club book as it explores so many relationships and the idea that we help each other as we need it and friendship is a lot of give and take and propping each other up. Audrey at one point says the friend with the greater crisis takes precedence. What an awesome way to look at friendship.

The book is well worth a read! Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

In February I have read 10 books with 4 romances, 2 chick lit, 1 general fiction, 2 historical fiction and 1 children’s novel. While I rue the fact there’s no non-fiction in here, I think it’s a better distribution than normal🤣

Well I think I’ll now tackle the next library book.

Have fun!


So Close!

It wasn’t a very busy day, which is nice for a change!

I feel like I need to get a few interesting things on my March calendar as it has been very boring the last few weeks.


We did printing this morning and a poem about community workers. We had an assembly for pink shirt day and this afternoon we worked on finishing our valentines art. It’s pretty sad that we’re still working on it!

My students worked off a list on the board for the first time and did pretty well. I needed them to be independent, which is difficult for some of them, as I needed to get some more assessment done for their report cards.

I did get a few more reports done after school and only have one left! yay! Of course these are like rough drafts and I’ll be going over them many more times:(


We had boot camp after school today and boy was it a good workout!

Banded hamstring curls/ plank twists, medicine ball one legged squats to a calf raise/ medicine ball burpee to military press, high knees/ front dumbbell punches, banded and dumbbell rotator cuff adductors/ banded and dumbbell tricep extensions, single leg bench lunges (deep), frogger crunch to extended arm with dumbbell sit-up/ frog hip bridges, rock and roll to 1/2 squat/ pushups to knee tucks, bird dog/Torso rotation

As a bonus we had to do 9 jumping jacks/ 9 plank jacks, then 8,7,6,etc. that was a definite challenge!

My legs are already feeling a little tired, but I love it as I know I’ve worked.


I’ve wandered around my house doing some chores trying to rack up steps, but I don’t think 3700 steps are going to happen before bed:(


I’m into my next NetGalley book and am really enjoying it. Thinking I’ll go crawl into bed and read!

Have fun!


A Smile and Hope

It was a busy day, but one that also made me smile and gave me hope.


This morning we tackled more about story elements by having the children identify a setting, characters, problem and solution and write their own story. The stories were short and interesting, but the best part came from some of my students who struggle the most nailing our questions about story elements. It is moments like this that make me happy! As a teacher, I know the students who will always give me the right answer and there are times I call on them to expedite the process, however, it means a lot more when those right answers come from the students who keep me up at night!

We had a presentation from Dreamrider Theatre called Zero Heroes about recycling and creating zero waste. It was great and my students showed they were paying attention this afternoon when they wrote about it.

It’s the time of year when I start trying to push my students even further and today I really wanted them to break out of the simple, repetitive sentences that are their comfort zones, for the most part. After every “it was…” sentence I’d ask why. Why was it fun? Why was it cool? Why was it silly? Why was it awesome? The first to give me everything I wanted with, ” it was funny because Ian kept falling” was the boy who spent most of last year crying and couldn’t print his name properly. I had told him at the start of the year that my goal for him was to get into trouble. He hasn’t done that yet, but his stepping up this afternoon gives me hope that we’ll get there and we both had smiles on our faces:)

My smile was almost as big when my new snow boots finally arrived. When I discovered my snow boots were leaking I had done some research and found that Sorel had good reviews for their kids boots. I quickly ordered a pair that were on sale and they arrived today. Of course this means that we won’t get any more snow this year🤣

I wore them home and they are comfortable. I really like the quick lacing system!!!!


My only exercise of the day was a walk on my lunch hour (in horrible winds) and the yoga I will do after this post publishes. I was supposed to go for a run this morning, but only remembered when I was halfway to school. I guess it’s a day off, but that’s not a bad thing as I get to enjoy the results of the massage I had after school.


I have to admit that I spent most of the evening reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. I have to say that I really enjoyed this book, however I read it while keeping in mind who had written it. Her love of her husband and daughters comes through clearly as do her struggles and determination.

There were a couple of quotes I really liked, such as,

Now I think it’s one of the most useless questions an adult can ask a child- what do you want to be when you grow up? As if growing up is finite.

Even when it’s not pretty or perfect. Even when it’s more real than you want it to be. Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.

Everyone on earth… was carrying around an unseen history, and that alone deserved some tolerance.

I’m not raising babies, I’m raising adults.

It was an interesting read and I would recommend it. However, please keep in mind that I’m not political so I read this as a biography of an interesting woman:)

Well I’d better go get that yoga done.

Have fun!


Cold, So Cold

I got cold this morning and haven’t been warm since:( I was even cold during my exercise class!


It was back to the classroom today and it was definitely a busy day. We covered the concept of Beginning/Middle/End with the book Sadie and the Snowman. It was a great book for this and I was so happy when one of my struggling grade ones summed up the middle perfectly! It’s tough to get kids to not name every detail!

We also worked on the addition strategy of counting on in math. My students made it very clear they thought this was too easy, but unfortunately I still have three children struggling with it:(

Finally this afternoon we introduced our new Socials theme of Community. Now to figure out how to make it interesting.

After school, I met up with Liane and Lyndsay and we got four more report cards written. Yay I’m over halfway!

Oh and by the way- my food today made me very happy:) I guess it is true that you eat with your eyes as well as your taste buds.


I got home just in time to change and head off to Battlefit class. I think part of my problem with this class is that it’s the same moves every week so I get bored. It doesn’t help that there’s a lot of burpees and it’s easy for people to see that you’re behind:(

We did a whole bunch of warm up stuff like lunges and skipping and side stepping the length of the gym. We then paired up with a partner and one partner did plank shoulder taps while the other walked across the gym with two kettlebells. Then we did v sit while the other person walked across with a kettlebell over their head. We then had to do 50 swings, 1 suicide, 40 swings/2suicides, 30 swings/ 3 suicides, 20 swings/4 suicides and finally 10 swings and 5 suicides.

We also had to do a ten minute EMOM of 10 burpees and 10 wall balls.

I feel like there was more, but I’ve obviously blocked it🤣

My after workout snack:)


Since getting home I’ve been reading and am now on the last section, “Becoming More” in the book Becoming. So far it’s been interesting., but I think I’m off to bed now.

Have fun!


Understanding Groups

Quite a nice day and I got more done than I was expecting!


I couldn’t decide this morning if I’d go out for a run or not as my regular Sunday group was cancelled. I ended up doing a short run to meet the group for coffee. It will ruin the goal I made not to have and 2km runs this month, but that first sip of tea made it worthwhile and the company was also worth it!

Otherwise it was a light exercise day with just 200 squats and 100 crunches.


It was my day to do food prep and boy did I go for pretty! I have fruit and yogurt parfaits for recess snacks that are actually layered prettily! I have vegetable sticks wrapped in ham or chicken and tied with a green onion for lunch ( ham slices work better than chicken), and then I have roasted vegetables with Greek seasoning and veta for dinner. I’m happy I’m prepped with meals that are fruit or vegetable based with the carbs and protein in supporting roles:). I hope this leads to a successful eating week!

I also got cornbread made for Bookclub from Living Freely Gluten Free. This is definitely another successful new recipe as I had a lot of compliments on it at Bookclub. It goes really well with baked beans!


I spent much of the afternoon engrossed in Becoming by Michelle Obama again. Tonight I found out we’re not discussing this book until October! I’m never going to remember a thing!


It was once again Bookclub and it was as wonderful as ever! We had seven people tonight and we talked about the book a little bit; most didn’t love it☹️, but mainly we watched the Oscars and ate. This is the food except for the great baked beans that were done in an Instant Pot and the amazing desserts of Apple Slump and macarons. I bought the macarons from Kizzy’s macarons at the Farmers Market ( I finally got there), and they were wonderful!!!!!

We’ve decided that next year we’ll have to read something connected to Hollywood so we have an excuse to watch the Oscars at Bookclub.

All I have to say about the oscars is that Melissa McCarthy’s dress was crazy and phenomenal, I’m glad that Green Book won for best picture as my friends have all been raving about it, and does Julia Roberts ever age?

I realized today that the groups I belong to are all very understanding, accepting and supportive. These three words describe the teachers in my wing at school, my Squad Runner team, and my Bookclub. I’m glad to have all of these groups in my life:)

Well, I need sleep!

Have fun!


Another Quiet One

It was a lovely, quiet day:)


We didn’t get the snow that was forecasted so my running buddy Sarah and I headed out on “the sidewalk” as unfortunately most sidewalks are still covered in ice:(. We were both on the struggle bus today, but still managed 4.5km. It’s better than nothing, but I really didn’t need that headwind coming home!

I also did a workout this afternoon. It was thirty seconds of each of the following:

Inchworm push-up, hip Bridges, right side kick, tricep push-up, sumo squat with knee up, left side kick, walking push-up, side crunches, pile squats, right and left donkey kicks, sit ups, twisted mountain climbers, swimmers, plank with leg lifts, wide pushups, reverse lunges, right side plank, pike pushups, left side plank.

On top of this I got my 200 squats done.


I forced myself to come home from my run and go directly over to look for buttons for the two baby sweaters. I was unimpressed with the selection, but bought some boring ones and got them attached. I now have permission to buy buttons when I see cute ones! I also got a baby hat made.

I liked the pattern, free on Ravelry called Baby Bear Hat, but I would definitely make it bigger next time!


I have to admit that I have spent most of the day reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. There is the pressure of only having ten days to get it done, but it’s actually really engaging! I’ll do a better review when I’m finished.

Well I’m off to read some more and maybe text with the cop who texted me today that he’s back from Thailand:)

Oh and I guess I should figure out what to take for Bookclub tomorrow.

Have fun!


A Few Little Things

I don’t know what I was expecting today, but it wasn’t really what I got.


I met up with some fellow colleagues for my ProD today. It was incredibly productive and informative. This is the second time I’ve done this and I think these might be the two best ProD days I have had in several years. I learn so much from colleagues and we also had some awesome books available today too.

Of course, at times it was slightly tough to concentrate as we were watching snow fall fast and furiously!

To Dos:

I knocked a couple of things off my monthly to do list by getting my RRSP and TFSA contributions made. I also knocked things off by giving up hosting Bookclub on Sunday to my friend Michelle. They want to be able to watch the oscars🤣


I know I promised you pictures of the pink sweater the other day, well it still doesn’t have buttons and neither does the second one I have made, but you get to see them both.

The pattern is EVIE, free on Ravelry or you can find it on the website, Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days. I believe this is the second pattern I’ve made of hers and I love how at the end you only have to weave in two ends! I’m even wondering how this would look made big for me:) I am happy with how both turned out and I hope to find some cute buttons! I was going to run over this afternoon when the sun was out (can you say crazy weather?), but I got a better offer.


The plan had been to workout and then go for lunch with Lyndsay after ProD, but then we had more people join us so that idea went out the window. We did go for lunch at Freshii but I ended up doing a butt blaster workout at home.

It was 3 sets of 20 reps of the following:

Right donkey kick, right fire hydrant, left donkey kick, left fire hydrant, right glut bridge, right glue bridge.

I also added 50 crunches and 50 weighted leg drops, 100 banded squats and 100 plow squats to this.

I was just trying to kick my butt out the door for a run when Lyndsay texted to ask if I wanted to meet her at the gym. With the slushy sidewalks, I took her up on this offer and did 33 minute run on the treadmill. It wasn’t as bad as it normally is as I had someone to talk to and it finished my Squad Runner mission for me:)

I stopped in for some veggies and fruit on the way home and also stopped at the library to download the books that came in.

I’d better go start reading so I can get all these books done!

Have fun!


Why oh Why?

Why do all of my library books need to show up at the same time? How am I going to read all of these books before they are due back????


It was a crazy busy day! We started by making connections to the book The Party by Barbara Reid. My students are starting to get the idea and this is a very cool book as the pictures are made with plasticine!

We also did half of our term reflection for the report card in what they learned about penguins and how they are good at working with partners. We also got the children to brainstorm and then choose two goals for next term. Some students did great and really know themselves and others are living in denial!

Finally this afternoon we had flashlight reading and drew our tree in winter.

It wasn’t too bad a day, but I was glad to write the two report cards I had to do today and get out of there.


I tried a new recipe tonight when I got home for tomorrow. It was savory scones by Living Freely Gluten Free. This is the same woman I got the cinnamon roll recipe from and they are just as good! I don’t know how she gets the dough to be just like regular baking, but it was. The only changes I made to the recipe was to use the almond milk I already had and I used more cheese and green onions than called for as I accidentally cut up too much. I had one tonight and it was lovely and flakey!

I will definitely be making these again, but maybe not quite yet:)


I did get out for a run with Sarah tonight. We were supposed to do a pyramid, but actually ended up doing long hills in trying to find a route that wasn’t icy! We climbed 262 feet and ran almost the whole thing. There were just a couple of icy spots we walked.

We treated ourselves to pho after the run as it’s cold and calling for more snow:(


I finished The Other Alcott by Elise Hooper this evening. It was a good read and very interesting to learn so much about May Alcott aka Amy March. I never expected the book to be so much about art! Even though some of the other girls in Bookclub have already said they found it difficult to keep track of all the trips across the Atlantic, I actually found that structure of the book made the book read quickly. The book was also enhanced for me by the fact that I visited Orchard House last year and so I could easily envision scenes set there. It was a great book, but I wish it had a happier ending!

I’m home now and heading to bed!

Have fun!


Oh Deer!

Well I walked out of school today and came within a foot of a deer. I don’t know who was more surprised me or her? It definitely disconcerted me when she followed me down the sidewalk for a bit, but thankfully she took a different trail than me!


Today was penguin day! The students have really been engaged in our penguin unit and today we wrapped it up. The students got to dress in black and white, as did us teachers.

We even had one girl with a mask!

We researched how tall different penguins are, reviewed and answered the questions we brainstormed at the start of the unit and finished the day with watching Mr. Popper’s Penguins, since we finished the book last week.

Oh and we even had time for a quick penguin game and relay race in the gym at the end of the day:)

It was a great unit and if we have different kids next year we’ll probably do it again, otherwise, I’m thinking maybe turtles:)


Today was boot camp after school. Exercise always goes so much faster when it’s done with friends! Today we did:

Burpees/ banded front raise, banded hip raise/ banded jump squats, mountain climbers/ bench toe taps, banded squat with alternating leg lift/ banded plank with alternating leg lift, reverse fly/ speed skaters, Single Arm thrusters, reverse lunge with medicine ball torso rotation, single leg bench split squat. I definitely felt like I had a workout when this was done on top of the leg burner workout of last night!


I’m almost finished The Other Alcott and two more days should do it:)


I have to admit I spent most of the night finishing up knitting the baby too I had started last night. I am super happy with it and will post a picture tomorrow after I sew the buttons on.

I’m off to bed now as I actually have to teach tomorrow!

Have fun!


You Just Know

It was a pretty good day, even though it snowed all day!


We celebrated 100 day today which means we have been at school for 100 days so far and have 80 left.

The students brought in a collection of 100 small items (Pom poms were the most popular this year) and we sorted them into different configurations. I always read the book One Hundred Hungry Ants to start the students off. It’s a great book and the pictures really make it!

We started a class book about “I’ve been Told This 100 Times”. Usually there are some really funny ones, but the best this year was “chop chop buttercup”. Next year we have already decided to do, “if I had $100 I would buy”. I think that would be super funny!

This afternoon we did stations with all the primary classes. I read three picture books to each group and had them vote on their favourite. It was funny that every class picked a different favourite. The stations were a little scary when the kindergartners got there and I saw what was coming up next year😳😫


I got through a little extra of The Other Alcott today and only have 123 pages to do by Sunday:)


It’s been snowing most of the day and it’s a mess of slush out there so I went with a Lyndsay workout tonight at home. It was called leg burner and I had to do 75 reps each of the following:

Narrow squat, alternating reverse lunges, right donkey kick, right fire hydrant, left donkey kick, left fire hydrant, bridge, pulsing squat.

I definitely felt it!


The rest of the skein of pink and white twisted yarn has been proving difficult to use up. I tried it in a Cowl but didn’t like it. I tried a toque and didn’t like it. I finally found a baby sweater pattern and it has been going great! I am actually 2/3 done in a single night! It’s been a dark and wet night so the perfect knitting weather!

I’m off to bed now!

Have fun!