It was a regular day with a nice ending, the best kind of day to have:)


I do have to start by saying that I finished The Hating Game by Sally Thorne last night. I really enjoyed this book. It’s chick lit or a beach read, but cleverly done. The characters are complex and interesting and the plot is not the typical romance book. It is definitely worth the read!

I am so glad to finally be out of my reading slump!


We write up our top ten of the week again this morning. I had one little guy who tried to make his the top one of the week🤣. There was a quick new rule requiring at least three events!

We cleaned our desks, played a compound word game, read and talked about Groundhog Day and read with our buddies. We eased into the weekend with centers time. All in all, I don’t think anyone was upset over our day:)


The Squad Runner app was being its regular glitchy self and I thought about using that as an excuse to not run, but reminded myself that I have a personal goal of 1200km this year! It also helped that I said I was trying to avoid 2km runs this month as I forced myself to keep going to 3.09km today. It was not a great run, but I can’t have speed every day!


I hung out with my friend Michelle tonight. As teachers, we’re pretty bagged on Friday nights so we caught up (you should read about her recent adventures in Europe) and then watched the Hallmark movie, Royal New Year’s Eve. It was a cute movie and I actually really enjoyed the personality of the main female. It didn’t hurt that the leading male is quite nice looking too. Michelle and I agreed that we liked how the princess to be wasn’t a shrew:)

Well that’s my exciting Friday night and I am off to bed!

Have fun!


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