It was a really nice day! I seem to say that a lot about the days I have off🤣


This morning it was up for my usual Sunday morning run. It had just started snowing when I left home, but I figured I could get a run in before it got bad. I ended up just walking with my two buddies who now walk, as I don’t like doing that particular run on my own. It’s just too isolated and there were definitely not a lot of people around so early! We got a 45 minute walk in though at a very respectable pace.

About 4pm it finally stopped snowing and I looked out and saw the sidewalk by the rec centre had been cleared. I hoped it was clear right over to the park, but figured I could do laps around the rec centre if I needed to. Thankfully it was clear right to the park and I had an awesome run! I had splits of 6:31, 6:36, 6:54, 6:40, and 6:29. I realized these are slow for most people, but it’s definitely the fastest I have been in a long time! Maybe my muscle is starting to come back!!

This evening I also did my 200 squats with the light resistance band and 100 stomach exercises- reverse crunch and double leg drop today.


After a nice tea with my running buddies, I came straight home to get my food prep done for the week. I prepared everything and got my daily bins out again so I could just reach in and grab what I need. I only have two eating events this week, so hoping I can be super healthy this week!

As I was prepping, I realized I need more breezy wrap as I have one the perfect size for a full sandwich, but only one that is good for a half sandwich. I don’t really want to cut my big one! I’ll have to get on ordering this and more reuseable bags this week!


I finished my Net Galley book, Slow Ride by Lori Foster today.

This book has the perfect balance!

The book features Jack Crews and Ronnie Ashford. From the first moment they are attracted to each other, but it takes longer for them to work out how to be in each other’s lives for the long haul.

The characters in this book are super interesting. Ronnie has been through so much and has adapted to her circumstances. She keeps all interactions with men short and meaningless, until she meets Jack. I pictured Ronnie as a take off of a Japanese Manga character.

Jack is the perfect balance of a smooth, slick man who can take care of business when he needs to. What’s even better is that he has a soft side for his family and animals.

I, of course, also enjoyed the family dynamic in this book. I really like books that have strong supporting characters and I’ve loved getting to know this family over the two books in the series. They raze each other, but also have each other’s backs:)

This book features a thriller side that kept me reading. I knew I had to finish the book tonight or I would not be sleeping well, but once the climax came, it was swift and over quickly. I love how Lori Foster has that perfect balance. You read the hints throughout the book, but she never gives away too much while still keeping you in suspense. Then she always solves the mystery quickly and efficiently. It makes for the perfect romance!

Thank you to Lori Foster, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for n honest review.


After a nice nap, I got busy on my knitting and finished the second sleeve of my sweater. I have also picked up the stitches for the hood, though it may not turn into a full hood! I only have about 2/3 of a skein left so it may turn into a fold over collar. The yarn chicken game is getting intense now!


I decided to try the Sally’s Baking Addiction February challenge today. The challenge was for truffles and since I’m not a big chocolate fan, I figured I could take whatever I made for staff meeting tomorrow. I did manage to find an awesome dairy free, gluten free truffle recipe at Minimalist Baker. These were super easy to make and if they go over well tomorrow I will add them to my page of successful recipes. One thing I did learn was to re-roll the truffles in my hands before dipping them into the coating. It definitely helped the coating stick better!

Well that’s it for my day and I’m heading to bed!

Have fun!


42 thoughts on “Smashing Sunday

      1. That is so interesting. I never knew not liking chocolate could be genetic but I guess it makes sense. I sort of assumed everyone liked chocolate haha

      2. People don’t understand it when I say I don’t drink coffee. My one coworker was in shock when he heard me say I didn’t like it lol

  1. glad your Sunday went well. those truffles look really good. that is something I think I’ve ony made once before and I’m not sure why. Hope your monday went smoothly for you

      1. I’m sure you could make it with other chocolates as well. I’m going to check into it. Dark chocolate is perfect for people doing keto as well 😀

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