Today was a typical day.


The children absolutely loved writing about the snow we had on Sunday, even though it wasn’t very much. It’s so cold here right now that it has stayed and turned into ice, which is very unusual for us.

We changed groups and made our group posters for the new month.

We also started our penguin research booklet. Today was the simple introductory sheet so we will see how students do tomorrow.

After school we had a very long staff meeting:(


The truffles were a hit and there were none left after school:)


I’m not sure if I ate something wrong, ate too much or still have a bug but once again I am home not feeling well. I really have had enough of saying that! I was supposed to go to my workout class but instead I’m on the couch drinking tea and ginger ale and knitting the hood of my sweater.

I’m thinking about going to bed incredibly early!

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Short

    1. This year I have a grade 1/2 class though I have taught every grade between kindergarten and grade twelve. I’ve taught several of my intermediate classes to knit and I’ve had a knitting club most years at whatever school I am at.

      1. It is definitely a challenge, especially in trying to get through the math curriculum. I find that if I have three levels of worksheets and teach one concept that works best for math and in all other areas I teach a concept and try to have an open ended activity so it will work for the different levels. It is definitely a lot of work!

  1. glad the truffles were a hit, sorry the meeting was long and painful!

    hope you are feeling better soon. Is there any possibility that you have developed another food allergy/sensitivity? maybe keep a food journal to see if there is a trend?

  2. Wow – be careful on that ice AJ! We have an ice storm coming over night and may lay down 1/4 inch of ice … not budging out of the house tomorrow, even for the car. Hopefully no power lines come down because of the ice – it’s always something. Stay safe.

      1. I’m staying put for sure – my boss has a meeting tomorrow and I suggested he cancel it … pretty sure they will cancel the schools tomorrow. People should be frustrated because they can’t follow the news as the State of the Union and commentary is on, three basketball games will monopolize the radio and news stream. I would like to fast forward to April!

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