Well I survived the day and so did all of my students🤣


Today turned out to be a pretty low key day which was good! We did printing, practiced our addition skills, and did a directed drawing of a penguin. It was really cute as one little boy in my class had done a drawing this last weekend and he brought it in along with the name of the website, Art Hub for Kids, so today we put it up on the smart board and followed along. I let the kids take them home with them. The only thing I found was that it went a little fast for the kids, though boy were they engaged!


After school it was time for boot camp! We covered most of the body with doing: lateral lunges with a dumbbell press, one legged sit to stand off a bench, reverse fly/ plank pull through, side plank, swimmer/static crunch with scissors, row/bicycles, lateral step ups, and finally a half kneel to stand with a dumbbell press. I used dumbbells everywhere I could to try and not be a slacker. This evening I also did an extra 100 squats with the band. Enough for one day:)


I was a good homeowner and went to the special meeting tonight about fiber optics. It was a good meeting to go to as it was quite short and straightforward.

Of course, before going I ate too many cookies worrying about going. Sometimes I really wish I was more like my oldest brother who is super social, can talk to anyone, never worries about anything, etc. I’m not sure I’m going to get there. At least I have a plan for what to do with the cookies so they won’t be available next time!

Well I’m off to bed to make up for last night!

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wish I Was More Like My Brother

  1. Well done for going to the meeting. I probably wouldn’t have eaten the cookies … but I wouldn’t have gone to the meeting, either! And great bootcamp. I am working up to the squats with a band thing!

  2. I’m so not social and hate going places where I won’t know people. Fun fact on the first date with Alex I gave myself a little stomachache because I was nervously eating.

    Someone I follow on Instagram said their kids love that site. You should see if you can slow the video down next time so it’s not as fast.

    1. I’ll have to keep in mind how well that turned out for you:). I wish I didn’t get nervous, but I’ve always been like that.
      I thought about stopping it, but didn’t know you could slow it down!

      1. It somehow worked out which I’m so grateful for 🙂 I’m just very quiet when meeting new people since I’m nervous and then I’ll open up after being around the person a lot.
        If it’s a Youtube video then I believe there’s a way to! I would Google it for instruction lol.

      2. That’s exactly how I am! I don’t like approaching people and starting a conversation but if they come to me I’ll talk to them.

  3. I always save the treat for after I’ve done the thing I didn’t want to do. I went to the dentist on Tuesday and went out to lunch after:) While I like my dentist well enough, I hate any sort of medical appointment.

      1. I know what it is… we have fiber optics. But what is the context of your meeting? Just to find out what it is!? Or your local Network operator offers fiber optic?

      2. No one of the providers is offering to put it in our property but because I’m strata- there has to be a meeting and agreement by so many owners

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