I went to bed early last night, really early, only to be woken up not once, but twice by the fire alarm and got to go stand outside both times in -8😫😖


The most exciting thing yesterday was the morning when we used loose parts to build a character in Writer’s Workshop. It was great to see the children working together and co-operating.

They managed to co-operate in the afternoon to do their penguin research book too. Unfortunately, in between I spent a lot of time reminding about kindness and that they need to have actions they can be proud of!


I got home to the message that my running buddy had to work late so instead of doing a pyramid workout, I just went out for a 7km run. It went really well and I was between a 6:33 and a 6:55 min/ km so I am happy!

I also got in my 200 squats and my 100 crunches- 50 regular and 50 reverse.


I finished my current book yesterday called French Kiss by Sarah Morgan. It was short and a nice read, but I have to admit the woe is me heroine isn’t my favourite!


Between my run and my very early bedtime I managed to finish my sweater. I don’t like the fit at all:(

I think this one is just going into the giveaway bag:(. The pattern is from Timeless Knits for kids and the yarn is Mary Maxim worsted weight. I think the best that can be said is that it got rid of four skeins out of my stash:)

Well I’m off to teach!

Have fun!


46 thoughts on “Well That Was A Waste

  1. Wow. The sweater is pretty. I remember being awoken by a fire alarm and having to vacate the hotel in Oman. That was interesting. The fire trucks come often to the building across the way from us but so far, never us. The building across is a semi retired facility with security and what not, they are safe, but evidently not from fires. (LIttle ones in kitchen)

  2. I’m sorry about your disrupted sleep, AJ. That’s terrible! And it’s so cold where you are. 😔
    I like the sweater. But I know that sometimes an item of clothing just doesn’t look the way we anticipate. I hope the next one will be a winner. Great job though. You’re so talented. 😉

    1. Ugh that sleep interruption killed me! I need my sleep!
      Ya I just feel like the sweater adds ten pounds and the neckline is weird!
      A little girl in my class has an awesome homemade sweater today and I’d love to get that pattern!

  3. -8 and a Fire alarm, that is too awful!! Sorry about the sweater fit, but it sure looks nice, so someone will likely be thrilled, and your stash must be looking better these days!

  4. ugh getting up twice is terrible, but having to go outside in those temps is just crazy. Glad to hear your students enjoy doing the loose parts, I need to incorporate this more into my lessons too.

    the sweater looks cute, but if it doesn’t fit and doesn’t feel like you’d like it then…. I guess it is a donation item. hopefully the next project feels more your style

    1. Yup it was standing outside that really got me as I never got warm again:( I felt really badly for the babies that had to be dragged outside!
      It fits, but I don’t feel that it is particularly attractive:(

  5. Well, you sure bounced back quickly from feeling so yucky and had a good run and finished a sweater (even if you don’t especially like it) … I hate when I go to bed early and the doberman on the corner wakes me up 1/2 hour after I turn out the light – but at least I didn’t have to go outside twice.

      1. Me neither AJ – you don’t want to know the names I call the dog and the owner … he is out late at night (11:30, 12:00) and as early as 4:30 a.m. They live on a busy street corner … dog barks at everything. I rue the day they moved in.

    1. It fits, except for the hood. I just feel like it adds ten pounds to me. I never thought of blocking though- maybe I could square it up a bit. Thanks for the idea!

      1. My parents’ fire alarms used to be SO sensitive! I remember one time it went off when some family friends were over and they all looked so alarmed but my family just jumped into the routine of opening doors and waving a towel in front of it to shut it off lol.

      2. I put the fan on and open doors as the one in my apartment is connected to the building and I’m not tall enough to get it turned off and am afraid my waving a towel wouldn’t do much good:(

    1. No I’m thinking I’m going to stick with fingering weight sweaters as the worsted seems to add unnecessary bulk to me. I will try one more pattern out of the book and then decide if I want to keep it or not

  6. Oh my gosh that is AWFUL about the fire alarm- how dreadful! I hope you were able to catch up on some sleep by now. You made that sweater?!?!?? I am seriously amazed. It is sooo good. That would be $40 in a store. Wow! Even if the fit doesn’t work for you maybe it does for someone else??! It’s too cute not to go to use!

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