I was never so happy as to see Friday arrive! I was all braced for snow, even wore my snow boots to work, and we didn’t get one flake🤣. I’m not complaining though!


I love how I mentioned a storage problem I was having to my mom yesterday and this morning I got to work to texted suggestions of what to do😍. We haven’t quite got the solution to how to store all these loose parts materials, but hopefully we’ll hit upon it soon!

My students were quite upset when there was no more penguin picture of the day (we ran out of types to look at), so today, we watched a penguin short video of the day. It was a great way to start the day:)

We wrote our Friday top ten list, had gym and tackled some more adding. This afternoon my students started building a home for Roz and Brightbill (The Wild Robot characters) with their big buddies. It was neat to see them all dive in!


After work I met up with L for a workout. It’s been a while and it felt great to get a good workout in. I have to admit I didn’t love going my cardio on the elliptical though! We did cardio intervals, then squat thrusters, squat jumps with overhead press, sit up with Russian twist and plank up downs, squat with front press and plank rows. It was enough for the first workout in a month!


I had asked if L wanted to do dinner at the Green Mustache the other night, but it was too late, so we went tonight after our workout instead. I was really craving comfort food, and told them they should offer Mac n cheese! However tonight I had the chili which turned out to be really good! It’s probably the best tho g I’ve had so far and it was a big serving as I was too full to try one of their delicious desserts.


My movie date with a friend was cancelled so I’ve had a quiet night st home. I’ve been knitting the handwarmers. I thought I was done until I realized one was two rows shorter than the other. I couldn’t leave it and took it apart to add the two rows. Hopefully I’ll be done by tomorrow!

Well I’m off to ponder whether it is wrong to order grocery delivery when I live across the street from the grocery store???

Have fun!


46 thoughts on “Hey, Hey, It’s the Weekend!

  1. I’m guilty of ordering from places across the street from me. We have a pizza place and a Chinese place right across the street and I order delivery from them all the time. The rare exception is when I want wine and have to run to Target which is in the same plaza. Then I’ll pick it up myself.

  2. If your feelings on food shopping are the same as mine, definitely order. LOL. I hate the chore. I like it if it’s quiet but I always get annoyed by other people and crap service

    1. Lol I used to have a friend who would pick me up Saturday mornings and take me when she went as she knew I wouldn’t go grocery shopping otherwise!

  3. Food looks so yummy and hope your storage solution works out. I am moving from a 3 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment when I move to Colorado so I’ve been thinking a lot about “storage solutions” in addition to major downsizing of my stuff 🙂

    1. Wow that will be a big downsizing! Storage seems to always be a problem for me and I don’t feel like I keep much other than my knitting supplies

  4. glad things went well at school today. I love that your students are enjoying their research so much. I can’t justify the price of delivery, but I don’t mind shopping. I am pretty good about not impulse buying much if I bring a list with me. Plus walking around the store burns calories!

    1. I ended up going grocery shopping today. I really should have waited until tomorrow when I would have had a list, but I was already out

      1. I’m not sure I want to know. John has had a mustache for 50 years. Son John $ had a big mustache and beard for a while, and things got caught in his.

      2. My dad has always had a mustache and it’s often out of control. I don’t think I want to think of that meaning either!

  5. The idea of grocery delivery is something I have wanted to try myself. There are times when it is just so difficult to get to the store. Give it a try. Maybe wait for a day when you really, really don’t want to deal with people! (I have a lot of those!)

      1. Well that’s a bummer – especially when you have torrential rain. My Meijers now delivers – I don’t remember the minimum order … maybe $35.00 or $45.00? You pay $100.00 per year for the service which really is not bad when you think of it, especially for housebound seniors or someone who has difficulty getting their groceries in.

  6. That’s cute that they were so attached to the penguin pics!! But I know a movie would certainly suffice 🙂 Oooo that chili looks like a great healthy comfort food option! MMmm! Thanks for sharing, AJ !

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