I was a lump on a log for a lot of today, until I realized I had to have something to write about tonight🤣


I got to choose the run destination today and wanted to do two loops of the local lake. When I got to the lake, I seriously wondered if we should go at all as the wind was super strong. We got halfway around the lake to the bridge and realized we had to turn around and go back how we came because the wind was blowing water over the bridge. At -2 Celsius, I wasn’t willing to get wet. We ended up only tacking on about 600 meters, but not everyday can be a long run:)

This evening I did my regular banded squats, plie squats and squat presses along with bicycle crunches and leg drops. It’s not much, but I’ll try to keep it up.


I spent a lot of time reading today. I finished One Plus One by Jojo Moyes. The story is well written and pulls you along at a fast pace. I liked how it was told by all of the characters. I also liked the positivity of the main heroine, however, the book seemed very sad to me. It ends happily, but there’s a lot of big issues to get through to get to that point! I almost cried twice!

I wouldn’t not recommend it, but just be prepared.

I’ve moved onto the next kids Bookclub book which is The Unlikely Story is a Pig in the City by Jodi Kendall. So far I’ve been enjoying it.


I did my grocery shopping this morning and bought way too much, thankfully it’s mostly veggies. I really should have waited until I had a plan as I think I’m now half prepared to make grilled veggie and chicken salad and a pho type noodle dish. Hmm I’ll have to deal with that tomorrow.

After I realized I needed to accomplish something today I got a hand wash sweater cleaned (I couldn’t believe how dirty it was!) and a load of laundry done, but I also ran out to get wine and flowers for the party I went to tonight. I decided to hit up the local florist instead of the grocery store and it turned out a previous mom at my school works there. It was great to hear about how her three kids are doing. I actually taught all of them. She also threw these in for free:)

I love hyacinths so they will be enjoyed and they are making my house smell wonderful and me smile!


I had been invited by a new colleague to a party at her house tonight. After I ensured she knew I didn’t play poker and that my co- teacher was going, I said I would make an appearance. It was fun, but mainly I just talked to my two co-teachers and ate chips. Of course, it wasn’t at all awkward when she made a big deal of introducing me and the only single guy there🙄

Well, I’m off to bed now!

Have fun!


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