Well I’m 33 years in this district, I’ve only had two snow days and today was no different than usual. While almost all districts around us closed down, we were open as usual.


Other than allowing for extra time to put on snow gear, the children actually managed to concentrate pretty well.

We did more penguin research this morning, then we learned how to add zero to a number and this afternoon we made our valentines bags.

They finally got the last twenty minutes of the day to play outside and they had a ball! The snow is really dry which is very different for us so it was quite amusing to see them try and try again to roll snowmen balls 🤣


The staff all cleared out pretty quick after school as it was calling for another 25cm of snow starting early. I got home to see the usual sidewalk was cleared and couldn’t help myself- I went for a run. I got 6.75km by doing a few loops in a couple of places as not everything was cleared. It felt good, until I got to Battlefit Class.

Tonight we did these 1/2 TGUs. It meant nothing to me, but seems to mean that we are working on getting up from the floor to a standing with a full press. We also did a lot of swings and then 50,40,30,20,10 of wall balls, KB swings and box jumps. It really helped when the instructor finally found a smaller ball for me to use for the wall balls. At the end we had to do lying overhead raise and then burpees and then sit ups and squat jumps. Overall I survived!

I am home now and going to dry my hair and then collapse into bed. I’m not keeping anything crossed that there will be a snow day tomorrow:(

Have fun!


50 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Whew – that sounds like a hard workout! I wanted to try some new classes but now I feel it’s “too close” to my marathon and ultra and I don’t want to destroy myself for those …

    1. Yes I’d maybe wait for after! You don’t want to hurt anything after putting so much effort into getting ready for your events!

  2. In previous years we always had school in the snow but there were close calls with buses during an ice storm so now the Superintendent calls closings. We have three snow days to make up in June and winter isn’t even over yet!

    1. I’m not sure I would like having to go longer in June though! We least go right until the 29th so then we would have to go in July😢

      1. Yeah that’s tooo late. Our state legislators are trying to pass a law for us to start after Labor Day. The problem with that is we ha e snow days and it would bring us into late June.

      2. We do start after about day so there’s not a lot of wiggle room. I’d really like to move to year round schooling where you go three months on, then get one month off!

  3. One trick I have for running when not everything is clear is to go by a school. Without fail that will be clear since it’s for students and teachers safety!

    1. Lol I wish that worked here, but our district is so hilly and big that schools don’t get plowed out very quickly. It’s boring, but I’m sticking with the one sidewalk that the city always seems to clear.

      1. That’s great! We have five municipalities in our school district so you never know what will be plowed and what won’t:(

  4. I bet your students enjoyed playing in the snow. glad you were able to get out of school safely and still found time to go for a run

      1. well at least they were engaged! plus it was a science/weather lesson on when you can and can not make a snowman

    1. I had to go in, but thankfully my principal finally let me go. At first she had said I had to stay all day, but we had no kids show up!

      1. I was wondering if you would be one of the people who had to go in. I never heard if we had any kids show up. I know one school had 4.

    1. We had a snow day too, and it’s still coming down as snow. I still had to go to work though and they expected me to stay all day!!!

  5. That’s a beautiful scene with the snow AJ. We had that dreaded ice storm and everything was treacherous today. There were lots of slip and falls and visits to the E.R. according to the news and so a doctor issued some advice and you can tell the kids this … “walk like a penguin because putting your feet outward a little gives you more balance and improves your center of gravity, making you less apt to fall” – so there. Even do it if wearing ice cleats like you have. They closed 700 schools again today, but not the colleges and universities. They probably should have as the driving was treacherous.

    1. Oh my! That is horrible about so many accidents, but I will share that piece of advice about penguin walking. My students will love it!

      1. I’ll bet they did as you’ve been teaching them about penguins for a while now. I never heard anyone say that about walking on the ice, but this was such a treacherous batch of ice, they gave that recommendation – that and to stand up straight for get your center of balance and not carry heavy things as it throws your balance off. My friend Ann Marie that I mention in my posts … she was taking her husband to the doctor yesterday (he no longer drives, he is older than her and has some medical issues) … first he fell in the apartment parking lot, despite having ice cleats on, and then she had to struggle to help him. She is tiny like you and helped get him to his feet and into the car, then fell down herself and hit her head, but says she is okay. This ice is not for the feint of heart!

      2. Yes, that glare ice is the worst – the kids at least are short, but could just as easily fall the wrong way and break an arm or a wrist. A fellow blogger fell on a patch of ice under the snow last January. She lives in a rural area of Michigan and was walking to the road to their mailbox and slipped. She had to have surgery and pins put in. I am no fan of Winter on many levels.

      3. Yup winter is definitely not for wimps! We’ve had a few kids fall in the past, but thankfully no broken bones!

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