Well the miraculous occurred- my third snow day in 33 years with the district!


I still had to make my way to work, but thankfully Lyndsay came with me! I would have been on my own as my principal didn’t show up for another hour! Then she said I had to stay all day, even though we had no kids show up! I was not a happy camper! She did finally let me go around recess time. I got stuff done though- three addition anchor charts made, the loose parts at least put in the empty drawer, my home reading assessment books moved to a more easily accessible spot, a box in my library replaced and labeled, and a couple of shelves gone through. Not bad, but if there’s another snow day tomorrow I’m wearing more clothes and taking food, in case I am kept there all day!


On our way home, Lyndsay and I stopped at Green Mustache for brunch. We both had the walnut waffles with chia jam and cashew cream.

They were very yummy! I know I should have tried something new, but these just called me name. They also kept me full for the entire day!


After a lovely 1.5 hour nap on the couch, I got out for a quick run. I am very grateful that my city keeps one sidewalk plowed. I’m getting bored of the route but it’s better than not being able to run at all! I had another quick 35 minute run and it was great. I don’t know where this relative speed is coming from, but I’ll take it and I hope it sticks around! I did get snowed on pretty hard on the way home!


After a lovely agonizing massage, I have frogged and redone the knitted vest I started the other day. The pattern is lovely, but I am not enjoying the yarn which splits on almost every stitch😖. It’s a perfect match to the Great Expectations that I am listening to🙄

Well I’m off to watch the snowfall and continue knitting.

Have fun!


43 thoughts on “Snow Day

    1. This yarn is driving me nuts! Thankfully there is an HPKCHC class prompt this month to knit something you find difficult. This should work great!

      1. Haha!! Does it require you to cuss through the process? With all the talk of mindful knitting, that project would have some bad juju if I were knitting it!

  1. The waffles look so tasty! Gotta love a good waffle for brunch.
    It’s funny you said you had to stay at school even with no kids. A coworker’s wife is a teacher and they’ll have to go in on some snowdays which sucks but the teachers can get so much done so they almost enjoy the free planning and grading time.

    1. I did get a lot done and it was great for the three hours I was there, but they hadn’t turned the heat on and I was the only one there:(

      1. That was the worst part and because I hadn’t been told I was expected to stay all day, I had not enough clothes on and no food with me.

  2. Great Expectations starts very slowly, but it is a great story. I first read it, then saw a movie which helped so much that I went back and read it again, this time loving it, which is not my norm!

  3. I don’t understand how they could say you can’t leave work when you came in as pretty much a favor to them. Seems to me you should have only had to stay until admin arrived. stay safe and warm!

      1. Are they paying you extra? How is it expected of you and not the others? I’ve never heard of this even being considered an option.

  4. typically it is just administration. sometimes all teachers have to go in, but I’ve never heard of just a few teachers having to go in. So it would be principal, assistant principal or a dean. The schools auto call all the parents as well as it being posted on tv and the schools websites so there is no excuse for the parents not to know

    1. I just got a reply to my email asking about the expectations that says I have to be there all day “in case a parent can not supervise their child all day. While we may expect this to be determined by normal start time, it may not. It is possible that it could be part way through the day,…” Makes it sound like I’m a babysitter! I think it’s time to contact my union as you’re right- if I’m voluntarily going in for a day- I should get something equal to the day off with pay that all of my colleagues are getting!

      1. that makes NO sense whatsoever! it is not the school responsibility to watch a child because the parent can not watch them. if the school is closed… the school is closed. I’ve never heard of such a thing and how do they dictate who has to go in? Just because you are close doesn’t mean it is your responsibility. So you don’t get the day off but someone who lives a bit further away does. Yep sounds like it is time to contact the union on that one

  5. First all the rain, now the snow – at least you had a free afternoon and a run and a nap … and back to school again today. I’ve never read “Great Expectations” … as a literature minor, you’d have thought it would be required reading … no we had to read “Beowulf” multiple times and I never did understand it.

    1. Oh I had to read Beowulf too! I am trying to catch up on classics I somehow missed and find it easier to listen to them while knitting than to read them.

      1. I hated that Middle English – even with Cliffs Notes, I was lost. I had to read “The Jungle” and “Sons and Lovers” multiple times. I never realized how poor our City’s school curriculum was until I got to college and I heard what others read in their school system – ours was pitiful.

      2. Once was too much for me. And some of the classics – well, they were great, until you had to analyze them to pieces. They lost some of their charm. “Huckleberry Finn” was a great book until you have to delve into character flaws, etc. etc.

      3. Yes that’s what I was afraid would happen and as reading is a stress release for me I needed that during university!

      4. Yes, those classes, book reports and deep analysis of books took all the fun out of reading. Thank goodness those days are over. Like you, I’d like to go back and read them just for the enjoyment.

  6. oh man that sounds like such a frustrating situation with the snow day! That waffle did look sooo good- I can see why you’d want to reorder that over and over again! yummmy!

    1. It was frustrating, but I simply won’t allow myself to be voluntold next year!!!
      Yup I keep meaning to try something new, but…🤣

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