It was a nice mix of a day and way better than I was expecting.


It was just Brenda and I this morning so I walked with her. We did 2.5km and thankfully I had my yak trax on as this trail was slippery with ice too! It was definitely a lot quieter out there!

I also got another short walk in later today and a workout. The workout was three sets of 8 minutes where you do as many reps as you can. I did 30 side shuffle with touchdown, 20 squats, 10 pushups. The second set is 30 jumping jacks, 20 lunges, 10 tricep dips. Finally the third set was 30 mountain climbers, 20 bicycle crunches and 10 donkey kicks on both sides. I was definitely feeling a little warm by the end!

Reading/ House:

I got my four chapters done of The Other Alcott and I got some housework done. I am becoming my mother! I used to get after her about getting distracted with other jobs, but now I do it too. I went to the kitchen to gather the recycling and realized I needed a pop box so I went to the fridge, but getting the box out of there led to me cleaning the fridge, which led to loading the dishwasher which finally got me back to the recycling. I also got the vacuuming done and a load of laundry done. Not bad as I figure I’d better start today for Bookclub is at my house next Sunday!


I was sitting quietly reading when I heard from my friend Michelle. We decided to walk to get coffee and then watch a movie at her place. We wandered through Donald’s Market as well and I found my Soya cheese for cheaper!


We watched Hallmark’s A Winter Proposal. This is a sequel to One Winter Weekend. It was a very cute movie, though Michelle and I had it figured out well before the end. I laugh at how every movie is all action for the last ten minutes. I have to admit I liked the first movie better, but I’m glad I saw this one.

Well I’m back to reading and maybe a little knitting as I’m so close to being done the vest now!

Have fun!


Where I ran today, but on a much less snowy day!

19 thoughts on “A Little Work, A Little Fun

      1. I like them as I feel like I actually get a better workout as I’m not trying to remember what to do next or figure out how to do a move. This one I pushed it for the entire 24 minutes

  1. Gee I wonder what ends up happening in Hallmark’s A Winter Proposal…
    I binged watched some Hallmark movies in the past and started noticing a lot of plot patterns – ha! Sort of a plot formula and there is alway some cute kid in it and of course something is always discovered that pulls the couple apart for a while. But I still enjoy watching them!

    1. Yes I have trail shoes, though this trail is pretty pedestrianized, but for trails with rocks, etc I have shoes with better grip and support than normal running shoes.

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