My friend saved the day and got me to do what’s good for me!


I finished Delectable by RL Mathewson this morning (when I was supposed to be running). This is the 9th book in the series and they are very similar. I liked the humor of the book and the premise, but who starts a renovation knowing nothing and who can’t keep their hands to themselves? These two things drove me crazy, but otherwise I enjoyed the book.


I had finished knitting the body of the vest and only had the trim to do when I realized I’d better text my friend to see if she wanted to run as I sure wasn’t getting out on my own!

I did manage to finish the vest today and it is cute. No idea what size it really is though🤣. The patterns in Timeless Knits for Kids are great, but the gauge drives me crazy! So the question is, do I keep the book?


We ran the famous sidewalk again as it was safe and clear. It was so much nicer to have company! Sarah even dropped me off at the grocery store so I finally got my groceries, but still managed to forget the vegan butter:(

I went out again this evening to get my Squad Runner mission for tomorrow. This 45 minutes seemed to take way longer when I was on my own. It definitely wasn’t my fastest run, but it got done.

I also managed my 200 squats, but skipped the crunches as my stomach wasn’t happy.

I’m back to knitting as the vest didn’t finish the skein:( I sure hope an adult toque will!

All in all, a nice quiet day off to regenerate before it’s back to work tomorrow.

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Thank Goodness For Friends!

  1. I say if it frustrates you, it needs to go. there is enough in life that isn’t easy without having something that you enjoy be a frustration too. — my two cents

    the vest is very cute and the color is perfect especially for a little girl

    1. Yes the vest turned out well despite the problems with gauge.
      I am trying to do 200 a day to build my muscle so my running feels easier, but I’m happy to get anything done as something is better than nothing!

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