It was a pretty good day, even though it snowed all day!


We celebrated 100 day today which means we have been at school for 100 days so far and have 80 left.

The students brought in a collection of 100 small items (Pom poms were the most popular this year) and we sorted them into different configurations. I always read the book One Hundred Hungry Ants to start the students off. It’s a great book and the pictures really make it!

We started a class book about “I’ve been Told This 100 Times”. Usually there are some really funny ones, but the best this year was “chop chop buttercup”. Next year we have already decided to do, “if I had $100 I would buy”. I think that would be super funny!

This afternoon we did stations with all the primary classes. I read three picture books to each group and had them vote on their favourite. It was funny that every class picked a different favourite. The stations were a little scary when the kindergartners got there and I saw what was coming up next year😳😫


I got through a little extra of The Other Alcott today and only have 123 pages to do by Sunday:)


It’s been snowing most of the day and it’s a mess of slush out there so I went with a Lyndsay workout tonight at home. It was called leg burner and I had to do 75 reps each of the following:

Narrow squat, alternating reverse lunges, right donkey kick, right fire hydrant, left donkey kick, left fire hydrant, bridge, pulsing squat.

I definitely felt it!


The rest of the skein of pink and white twisted yarn has been proving difficult to use up. I tried it in a Cowl but didn’t like it. I tried a toque and didn’t like it. I finally found a baby sweater pattern and it has been going great! I am actually 2/3 done in a single night! It’s been a dark and wet night so the perfect knitting weather!

I’m off to bed now!

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “You Just Know

  1. Glad you found something to use up that yarn on! Yes, this is definitely the weather for getting some knitting in 🙂 Also good that you have a good workout to do even when you can’t get out for a run.

  2. The 100th day party was one of my favorite days of school! I love book idea you usually do and I like the idea for next year! It’s always funny to see what kids think they can do with certain amounts of money. Kind of like how old they think adults are haha

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