Why do all of my library books need to show up at the same time? How am I going to read all of these books before they are due back????


It was a crazy busy day! We started by making connections to the book The Party by Barbara Reid. My students are starting to get the idea and this is a very cool book as the pictures are made with plasticine!

We also did half of our term reflection for the report card in what they learned about penguins and how they are good at working with partners. We also got the children to brainstorm and then choose two goals for next term. Some students did great and really know themselves and others are living in denial!

Finally this afternoon we had flashlight reading and drew our tree in winter.

It wasn’t too bad a day, but I was glad to write the two report cards I had to do today and get out of there.


I tried a new recipe tonight when I got home for tomorrow. It was savory scones by Living Freely Gluten Free. This is the same woman I got the cinnamon roll recipe from and they are just as good! I don’t know how she gets the dough to be just like regular baking, but it was. The only changes I made to the recipe was to use the almond milk I already had and I used more cheese and green onions than called for as I accidentally cut up too much. I had one tonight and it was lovely and flakey!

I will definitely be making these again, but maybe not quite yet:)


I did get out for a run with Sarah tonight. We were supposed to do a pyramid, but actually ended up doing long hills in trying to find a route that wasn’t icy! We climbed 262 feet and ran almost the whole thing. There were just a couple of icy spots we walked.

We treated ourselves to pho after the run as it’s cold and calling for more snow:(


I finished The Other Alcott by Elise Hooper this evening. It was a good read and very interesting to learn so much about May Alcott aka Amy March. I never expected the book to be so much about art! Even though some of the other girls in Bookclub have already said they found it difficult to keep track of all the trips across the Atlantic, I actually found that structure of the book made the book read quickly. The book was also enhanced for me by the fact that I visited Orchard House last year and so I could easily envision scenes set there. It was a great book, but I wish it had a happier ending!

I’m home now and heading to bed!

Have fun!


42 thoughts on “Why oh Why?

  1. I can understand! All of my favorite books show up at once all the time. I pick a few but the next time the rest are gone and I have to wait for them. (At my school library)

  2. I was considering making scones the other day but then got side tracked and couldn’t. Cheddar and green onion sounds like a delicious scone combo!
    Is The Other Alcott nonfiction?

  3. I had to stop reading this and make scones for breakfast! Mine are pumpkin, though! I have that same trouble with books, sometimes I keep them in case, but put them back in hold again! The Other Alcott really was interesting, the time period and traveling was enlightening!

    1. Yes I enjoyed the book and though it’s lengthy it reads fast and to me it didn’t read like a novel, but more like a biography

  4. ok now I want scones, but this is not something that I have mastered at ALL.

    I’m glad you tried Flashlight Friday, did you kiddos enjoy it? I always let the kids spread out, they loved sitting under desks, tables and especially under the computer desk areas where they had their own little nooks.

    1. Yes the kids loved it! We’ve had the flashlights for a couple of weeks but haven’t had Friday school so they petitioned for it yesterday since we once again didn’t have school on Friday. They were so quiet!

      1. glad it worked out and they enjoyed it. isn’t it great to see them so excited about reading!

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