Quite a nice day and I got more done than I was expecting!


I couldn’t decide this morning if I’d go out for a run or not as my regular Sunday group was cancelled. I ended up doing a short run to meet the group for coffee. It will ruin the goal I made not to have and 2km runs this month, but that first sip of tea made it worthwhile and the company was also worth it!

Otherwise it was a light exercise day with just 200 squats and 100 crunches.


It was my day to do food prep and boy did I go for pretty! I have fruit and yogurt parfaits for recess snacks that are actually layered prettily! I have vegetable sticks wrapped in ham or chicken and tied with a green onion for lunch ( ham slices work better than chicken), and then I have roasted vegetables with Greek seasoning and veta for dinner. I’m happy I’m prepped with meals that are fruit or vegetable based with the carbs and protein in supporting roles:). I hope this leads to a successful eating week!

I also got cornbread made for Bookclub from Living Freely Gluten Free. This is definitely another successful new recipe as I had a lot of compliments on it at Bookclub. It goes really well with baked beans!


I spent much of the afternoon engrossed in Becoming by Michelle Obama again. Tonight I found out we’re not discussing this book until October! I’m never going to remember a thing!


It was once again Bookclub and it was as wonderful as ever! We had seven people tonight and we talked about the book a little bit; most didn’t love it☹️, but mainly we watched the Oscars and ate. This is the food except for the great baked beans that were done in an Instant Pot and the amazing desserts of Apple Slump and macarons. I bought the macarons from Kizzy’s macarons at the Farmers Market ( I finally got there), and they were wonderful!!!!!

We’ve decided that next year we’ll have to read something connected to Hollywood so we have an excuse to watch the Oscars at Bookclub.

All I have to say about the oscars is that Melissa McCarthy’s dress was crazy and phenomenal, I’m glad that Green Book won for best picture as my friends have all been raving about it, and does Julia Roberts ever age?

I realized today that the groups I belong to are all very understanding, accepting and supportive. These three words describe the teachers in my wing at school, my Squad Runner team, and my Bookclub. I’m glad to have all of these groups in my life:)

Well, I need sleep!

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “Understanding Groups

  1. Looks like you had a busy day! It’s gloomy weather here because of heavy rains.
    You can write a review of the book Becoming so that you don’t forget or you can also give it a quick reread in September…

  2. Melissa McCarthy’s dress was gorgeous! I was dying when she went out to present with the puppet. I didn’t watch very much but I’m glad Green Book won as well. Honestly I didn’t care which movie won best picture, I just didn’t want Roma to win. Roma is pretty much only on Netflix so, as my mom said, it would be the beginning of the end of the movie industry if that won best picture.

    1. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard of Roma before!
      We watched more of the show than I usually do! Normally I watch the dresses at the beginning and that’s it.

  3. Great post! So many things I want to comment on! I didn’t get a chance to watch the Oscars. Tell me more about the instant pot! I’d love to read some blog posts about it. I can’t remember everything I read but I definitely enjoyed reading! Oh and I started listening to Michelle Obama’s audiobook too. Have fun reading it! 💖

    1. Thanks:)
      I don’t have an instant pot but really want to get one. The ladies at Bookclub rave about it.
      I am enjoying Becoming so far!

  4. I’m glad that you have found groups who accept each other for their individual-ness… that always helps

  5. Loved reading this post (as usual)! I am so excited you watched the Oscars too. I need to watch Green Book asap! Melissa McCarthy looked ah-may-zing. Also, cornbread & baked beans is such a great combo- mmm!

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