I got cold this morning and haven’t been warm since:( I was even cold during my exercise class!


It was back to the classroom today and it was definitely a busy day. We covered the concept of Beginning/Middle/End with the book Sadie and the Snowman. It was a great book for this and I was so happy when one of my struggling grade ones summed up the middle perfectly! It’s tough to get kids to not name every detail!

We also worked on the addition strategy of counting on in math. My students made it very clear they thought this was too easy, but unfortunately I still have three children struggling with it:(

Finally this afternoon we introduced our new Socials theme of Community. Now to figure out how to make it interesting.

After school, I met up with Liane and Lyndsay and we got four more report cards written. Yay I’m over halfway!

Oh and by the way- my food today made me very happy:) I guess it is true that you eat with your eyes as well as your taste buds.


I got home just in time to change and head off to Battlefit class. I think part of my problem with this class is that it’s the same moves every week so I get bored. It doesn’t help that there’s a lot of burpees and it’s easy for people to see that you’re behind:(

We did a whole bunch of warm up stuff like lunges and skipping and side stepping the length of the gym. We then paired up with a partner and one partner did plank shoulder taps while the other walked across the gym with two kettlebells. Then we did v sit while the other person walked across with a kettlebell over their head. We then had to do 50 swings, 1 suicide, 40 swings/2suicides, 30 swings/ 3 suicides, 20 swings/4 suicides and finally 10 swings and 5 suicides.

We also had to do a ten minute EMOM of 10 burpees and 10 wall balls.

I feel like there was more, but I’ve obviously blocked it🤣

My after workout snack:)


Since getting home I’ve been reading and am now on the last section, “Becoming More” in the book Becoming. So far it’s been interesting., but I think I’m off to bed now.

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Cold, So Cold

  1. It sounds like you stick to a stay fit regiment. I do the same Denise Austin aerobic/ yoga/weightlifting workout and I’m sick of it. But I’ve seen amazing results when I practice four to five days a week!

    1. My friend and I pick a different class each term. We’re just starting to talk about what will be next.
      That is great that you’re committed enough to see results. I really like Kathy Smith videos if you’re looking for a second one to alternate Denise Austin with:)

  2. I love the story Sadie and the Snowman. I might need to read that one to my class today. sounds like you had a productive day and that in itself makes one happy! hope you have another great day today

  3. There’s nothing worse than being cold all day. I hate when it happens!

    I saw something yesterday that said burpees are the exercise equivalent of kales and reading how your workout was burpee heavy made me think of that.

      1. Oh nothing to be embarrassed about! I just didn’t know if you were trying to say something other than kale.
        I think I’d rather eat kale than do burpees!

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