It was a busy day, but one that also made me smile and gave me hope.


This morning we tackled more about story elements by having the children identify a setting, characters, problem and solution and write their own story. The stories were short and interesting, but the best part came from some of my students who struggle the most nailing our questions about story elements. It is moments like this that make me happy! As a teacher, I know the students who will always give me the right answer and there are times I call on them to expedite the process, however, it means a lot more when those right answers come from the students who keep me up at night!

We had a presentation from Dreamrider Theatre called Zero Heroes about recycling and creating zero waste. It was great and my students showed they were paying attention this afternoon when they wrote about it.

It’s the time of year when I start trying to push my students even further and today I really wanted them to break out of the simple, repetitive sentences that are their comfort zones, for the most part. After every “it was…” sentence I’d ask why. Why was it fun? Why was it cool? Why was it silly? Why was it awesome? The first to give me everything I wanted with, ” it was funny because Ian kept falling” was the boy who spent most of last year crying and couldn’t print his name properly. I had told him at the start of the year that my goal for him was to get into trouble. He hasn’t done that yet, but his stepping up this afternoon gives me hope that we’ll get there and we both had smiles on our faces:)

My smile was almost as big when my new snow boots finally arrived. When I discovered my snow boots were leaking I had done some research and found that Sorel had good reviews for their kids boots. I quickly ordered a pair that were on sale and they arrived today. Of course this means that we won’t get any more snow this year🤣

I wore them home and they are comfortable. I really like the quick lacing system!!!!


My only exercise of the day was a walk on my lunch hour (in horrible winds) and the yoga I will do after this post publishes. I was supposed to go for a run this morning, but only remembered when I was halfway to school. I guess it’s a day off, but that’s not a bad thing as I get to enjoy the results of the massage I had after school.


I have to admit that I spent most of the evening reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. I have to say that I really enjoyed this book, however I read it while keeping in mind who had written it. Her love of her husband and daughters comes through clearly as do her struggles and determination.

There were a couple of quotes I really liked, such as,

Now I think it’s one of the most useless questions an adult can ask a child- what do you want to be when you grow up? As if growing up is finite.

Even when it’s not pretty or perfect. Even when it’s more real than you want it to be. Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.

Everyone on earth… was carrying around an unseen history, and that alone deserved some tolerance.

I’m not raising babies, I’m raising adults.

It was an interesting read and I would recommend it. However, please keep in mind that I’m not political so I read this as a biography of an interesting woman:)

Well I’d better go get that yoga done.

Have fun!


22 thoughts on “A Smile and Hope

  1. I love my Sorel boots! They’re so comfortable to wear all day long. I wore them for long days in Germany and my feet were comfortable and warm the whole time. Something tells me you’ll enjoy them too.

    Sounds like a great teaching day! It must be so rewarding to see things click in certain students after difficulty with a topic.

    1. I’m hoping my Sorel’s will get me through teaching days so I’m happy to hear you say that!
      Yes kids getting it is definitely the best part of my job!

  2. glad you found some winter boots, I’m sure on many levels you hope to not have to test them out this year.

    I did enjoy many of those quotes. I’ve always said i’m not raising boys, I’m raising men… same thought process. She certainly is a fascinating person

    1. Yup hopefully I’ll be testing the boots at the end of the year!
      I think I like that quote best as it reminds me of my mom’s mantra when I was growing up.
      She was interesting:)

  3. Oh, sorels are awesome! DH got a pair for each of the girls in high school. Girl#1 lived in hers at St Olaf, and now Montana State, but Girl #2’s are here at home since she went to CA for college and is now in Rome where it seldom snows, so I get to wear them! Wonderful, warm and DRY boots! Love the stories of your kiddos maturation. It just speeds up so much about now!

  4. I bought Sorels years ago – they are sturdy and I believe made in Canada. I should get them out – I had to buy a whole size and I wear an 8 1/2 and they were a little sloppy on my feet, even with big socks in them. I am sure from wearing the big wide walking shoes, my feet have spread out and they likely fit better. I can’t fit into any of my loafers/flats/pumps from when I was working on site (soon will be 10 years) … that’s what I get for wearing Minnetonka Moccasins in the house and wide walking shoes/hiking boots outside.

  5. Okay I am cracking up about how you call on certain students because it will “expedite the process” … I don’t know why but that definitely made me chuckle! Loved those quotes.. Now I’ve got to read that book! Thanks for sharing, AJ 🙂

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