It wasn’t a very busy day, which is nice for a change!

I feel like I need to get a few interesting things on my March calendar as it has been very boring the last few weeks.


We did printing this morning and a poem about community workers. We had an assembly for pink shirt day and this afternoon we worked on finishing our valentines art. It’s pretty sad that we’re still working on it!

My students worked off a list on the board for the first time and did pretty well. I needed them to be independent, which is difficult for some of them, as I needed to get some more assessment done for their report cards.

I did get a few more reports done after school and only have one left! yay! Of course these are like rough drafts and I’ll be going over them many more times:(


We had boot camp after school today and boy was it a good workout!

Banded hamstring curls/ plank twists, medicine ball one legged squats to a calf raise/ medicine ball burpee to military press, high knees/ front dumbbell punches, banded and dumbbell rotator cuff adductors/ banded and dumbbell tricep extensions, single leg bench lunges (deep), frogger crunch to extended arm with dumbbell sit-up/ frog hip bridges, rock and roll to 1/2 squat/ pushups to knee tucks, bird dog/Torso rotation

As a bonus we had to do 9 jumping jacks/ 9 plank jacks, then 8,7,6,etc. that was a definite challenge!

My legs are already feeling a little tired, but I love it as I know I’ve worked.


I’ve wandered around my house doing some chores trying to rack up steps, but I don’t think 3700 steps are going to happen before bed:(


I’m into my next NetGalley book and am really enjoying it. Thinking I’ll go crawl into bed and read!

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “So Close!

  1. That bonus challenge at the end of your workout sounds intense! Plank jacks are hard for me so I can’t imagine having to do them after jumping jacks.

  2. sounds like a productive day. at least it is now Friday night and you have a few days before going back for more

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