It wasn’t the easiest day as I woke up with a super sore eye. I can see nothing wrong, but it has bugged me all day so I’m off to rest it.


We started the day with our first Friday journal in a while and wrote a list of what we learned in February. It was interesting to see what kids liked.

We started gymnastics today so I had to lay down the law about no running, only one person on the equipment at a time, and barefeet only. We have our own equipment, but gymnastics really does scare me to death. It’s just too easy for a child to get hurt!

I had a little guy today who went across the balance beam slowly and carefully sideways. He gets to the end, looks at me and says, “slow and steady wins the race.” Sometimes my students crack me up!

This afternoon my students were super happy to spend an hour working on their box project with their buddies. They were very engaged and excited.

We finished the day with flashlight Friday silent reading. It was pretty cool to see the kids super into it!


I left work right away, but really didn’t feel like going for a run. It’s the first of the month though and if I want to get to at least 100km this month I had to go. I gave myself a kick in the butt, but agreed in my head I just had to do at least 3km. I managed to get in 3.5km so I’ll take that after a busy week! It was fast too:)

I also managed to get my 100 crunches in and my 200 squats.


I have spent the rest of the evening reading One Day in December by Josie Silver. It’s been very interesting so far. It reminds me of a cross between One Day and Me Before You.


Well I am supposed to have a date tomorrow night. I had asked Thursday if he wanted to do dinner on Saturday night or brunch on Sunday. Yesterday he suggested going for wine, but I haven’t heard any response to my “did you have somewhere in mind?”. Is it too much to ask that we make plans before the day of? It seems to be his MO so far😖

Well I’m going to go rest my eyes.

Have fun!


22 thoughts on “A Kick for the New Month

  1. “slow and steady wins the race.” 😂
    I hope your sore eye gets better soon, AJ.
    You’ll have to tell me about One Day in December. So many have read it and enjoyed it. I picked it up to browse through in Barnes & Noble and kept seeing the f-bomb so I decided not to get it. Can you tell me if the book overall contains a lot of profanity, or did I just happen to skim a couple of pages that had it?
    Hope your date shapes up to something great. 😊

  2. Hope the date is enjoyable…lack of plans could have something to do with his job? (is he the law enforcement guy?) I can imagine that plans can be put aside in that job, so it might have something to do with that. Could make for some interesting conversation!

  3. I like the idea of talking on the phone for things like this. Texting can be so frustrating. Even the “OMW” texts that don’t reach the recipient can make for misunderstandings.
    Keep us posted!

  4. When I had that same time of thing with my eye, it ended up being a stye! Which are literally the worst ever!!😫😖 I so hope it’s not that!
    I hate day before plans, ESPECIALLY for something like a date with someone😒😒

    1. My eye does seem to be better today and yes the kids gains at this time of the year make the agony and work worth it:)
      Yup I had a date last night.

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