I have felt like my life has been boring lately with so little happening with all the snow so it was great to go out and do something new and fun tonight:)


For our community unit we always invite parents to come in and talk to the classes about their jobs. I love it when different jobs from the regular doctor, fireman, police man, nurse, etc comes in. Today we had our first parent and he was a senior operations manager who takes care of buildings in downtown. It was very cool and even I learned a lot.

Besides this, we tackled a couple of math games, and drawing pictures of places in the community, which we then taped onto a grid to create a community. We’ll be using this for more activities in the week to come.


I left immediately to come home for the fiber optic cable people and they were late. After fifteen minutes I called and it seemed like they hadn’t even planned on coming. Thankfully they did as my closet contents are strewn across my living room right now.


While they were working I worked on my Midnight Rose sweater. I have completed the bottom colour work and had forgotten how much I enjoy colour work. My very first sweater was stranded colour work in a Scandinavian sweater, but I don’t think I’ve done any since:(. It was a lovely break from rushing around.


As soon as the workmen left, I headed out for my run. I noticed that it was super busy on the trails today! I got a nice half hour run done today, though it was slower, due at least in part to the continued ice on the trail.


After coming home for a quick shower I met my colleague Liane and her friend Cam at a local pub for trivia night. It was a lot of fun and we plan to go back again next week. It was 2.5 hours of four rounds of just plain guessing and good times. We plan to double the size of our team for next week!

Well I need sleep now!

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “Finally Fun

  1. That ice is a pain – we are still in the deep freeze so I did a bunch of errands this morning and will try again for Friday when we won’t be in single digits and wind-chills way below zero. Saturday morning is promising, then we have torrential rain in the p.m. continuing into Sunday. Not moving the needle much on my miles.

    1. I went out in snow this evening, but still haven’t managed to even complete my February mileage:(
      Here’s hoping spring is coming!

      1. Amazing! I’ve learned a lot about geography from fellow bloggers … following you, Fred and Wayne (Tofino Photography) I learned that Vancouver Island was a rain forest and you had way over 200 days of rain a year – I knew it was not a tropical venue, but I sure thought it was warmer that I discovered it was. And I had no idea that you had snow there … blogging makes you smarter! 🙂

  2. The occupation day sounds like a lot of fun! Stay safe on those icy trails- sounds treacherous but I admire your determination to get a run in! Have a great weekend, AJ 🙂

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