Well the day started oddly as halfway to school it suddenly started pouring down snow and it stayed that way most of the day at school. However, when I got home there was no snow here. Weird!

The best part of the day is that my parents have arrived in town!!!


We had a professional engineer come and talk to the class today. He brought some of the tools of his trade, though unfortunately he couldn’t get the working traffic light through the snow:(

We had some catch up time, worked on double digit addition, had computers and finally got some silent reading time in. The children were amazed that they got centers two days in a row, but we had a change of plans this afternoon, so it was the simplest solution.


After school we had the kids book club for The Unlikely Story of a Pug in the City. For the most part the children enjoyed it, though I think they like the chips the best!

I’ve been reading Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard. It’s good so far, but a very light read.


I ran the long route over to visit my parents and it went pretty well. I swear the only snow is on their block! It was so nice to get a mom and dad hug! Think I’m going to need one each day that they are home!

My run seemed to go slow, but I was still a pretty good pace for me. I was definitely slower on the way home after having sat for an hour!

I’m a little mad at myself for stopping at 6.17km when I needed to do 7km for the squad Runner mission, but I guess it’s just not happening today.

Thankfully I did get my 200 squats in and my 100 crunches.


I really want to make the lemon bars for Sally’s Baking Challenge, but I think it’s too late so it will have to wait until tomorrow. I know my dad will like them so hopefully he’ll eat most of them!

I am back to knitting and reading at the same time. Turns out it’s just as nice to end the day this way as it was to start it:)

24 thoughts on “Yipppeeee

    1. Yes I am super happy my parents are home. Now I just have spend as much time as possible with them before they leave again!
      I haven’t done podcasts, but am happy to discover I can read electronically.

  1. I hope the kids enjoyed the engineer!! I wish my school had something like that when I was younger to be exposed to a variety of careers.

    Love the idea of combining your run with visiting your parents. I hope you enjoy your time with them!

  2. don’t you love when you have that go to thing to let your kids do when everything feels like it isn’t going right at school? And what kiddo doesn’t need a bit of play from time to time? Glad you are getting time with your parents I know you were missing them while they were in AZ

    1. Yes!!! My students do not get centers time very often, but sometimes I need a mental health moment to regroup!
      Yes I enjoyed yesterday with my mom but it doesn’t sound like I’m going to get very long with them.

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