It was a day of visiting as not only my parents have come home this week, but also my closest friend:)


This morning I just walked for an hour with Brenda because I realized I had to run this evening. I have kicked myself for this as it would have been a good stretch to run double in a day, especially if I want to try another half marathon distance run! Oh well, I’ll have to keep this goal in mind better!

I did get out for a run this evening and managed 6.5km in gorgeous sunshine. It was a great day for a run and I felt good and strong, yay🎉🎊


After a quick run through the grocery store for some veggies and fruit, I went up to see my friend and her husband and two sons as they just arrived home from six months in Mexico. It was a successful trip as they got lots of family time with members who can’t come to Canada. It sure is nice to have her home though!!!

Kitchen Time:

I did my food prep for today. I made a breakfast trifle with the muffins that kept falling apart last week along with yogurt and berries. I’m excited to have these for breakfast this week. I have apples for recess and a cookie for after school snack. I have discovered I need a little treat or else I go off the deep end at some point. At least now it is planned into the day.

This week I roasted a parsnip, turnip, Onion, eggplant, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, celery, carrots, peppers, and mushrooms with onion, basil, oregano, salt and pepper and mixed in some feta.

I love roasted veggies for lunch and already have a plan for next week- Italian seasoning and hot Italian sausage! It’s a super easy dish to make as you just cut all the veggies, mix with olive oil and seasoning and cook at 350 for 30-45 minutes. It is not a glamorous looking dish, but so yummy.


I am back knitting my sweater that I started last night. I am super happy with it so far and hope that feeling continues. I just noticed the pattern doesn’t have a name so I’m not sure how I’m going to record it on Ravelry.

I ran out this evening to get gas at Costco and the line up was about thirty cars deep! I definitely won’t make that mistake again. Hopefully I can fit it in on Monday or Tuesday night.

Well I definitely need to get some new Hallmark movies as I find myself watching A December Bride tonight. 🙄🤪🤣. It is however taking my mind off my slightly queasy stomach. Everyone around me has the stomach flu so I’m thinking I should be thankful I got the flu shot this year!

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “Everyone Came Home

  1. sounds like a good day. we have found that Friday nights are a good time to go to Costco. Apparently most people have better things to do on a Friday night?

    hope your work week goes smoothly

  2. That’s a very long line! Glad you are happy with how this sweater is going, and had some great friend/family time this weekend. Exercise is finally back on the docket here. Yesterday I drug Max (no small feat) past his usual “I want to go home” spot, and we had a grand walk up the hill into a neighborhood he likes to visit. He slept the rest of the afternoon, but he needs the exercise more than I do! He has become a portly puppy this winter! We have had two days above freezing….amazing!

    1. Oh thank you! My visits have been down lately so was wondering if I’ve just become stagnant. Hopefully life will be more interesting now that the snow is gone!

  3. That’s a classic pattern. I have a lot of vintage patterns that aren’t in Ravelry, and it reminds me of how much that website does for me!!
    Why are lines so long for gas?

      1. I see – I thought it was like in the South … people joke that when the Southern states get a little snow, they all go to get bread and milk and gas, then hunker down and stay inside.

  4. I’d never thought about a breakfast trifle before! That sounds yummy! So does all your food prepping!
    We had quite a few out with the flu for half of last week. It was terrible!! Thankfully I didn’t get it😅

    1. It was so good!!! I don’t even have to feel guilty eating it as it’s not even a full muffin in each and otherwise is just my usual fruit and yogurt!
      Ugh we have so many teachers away and I’m working hard on not getting sick for the holiday!

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