I just couldn’t stop thinking, how is it only Tuesday?


After a very difficult time getting out of bed, I headed to work. We had a parent come in and talk about his job as a financial analyst with a distribution company- definitely not something the children knew about. It’s a neat job as it requires math skills.

I’m starting to think the children are just into the swag they get🤣

We subtracted zero and the number itself. I’m glad these topics went quickly as it will let me get a little caught up in math. I don’t know how I got so far behind!

Finally this afternoon we had gymnastics which the students did wonderful at and a coding activity. Last week the students had built a community on a grid and today they had to direct the car to get to certain destinations.

It was amazing how engaged they all were and how quickly they caught on. One thing though, we need to take the tape off and draw the grid. We have lots more ideas of where we can take this in third term!


After hibernating during all the recent snow, I had a very social night! It started with a massage where my glutes talked back to me. Then I met my friend for dinner at The Green Mustache. I decided on lemon cheesecake.

My aunt always told me to order what I didn’t get at home. The taste of the cheesecake was excellent, not too heavy and it was a beautiful presentation. I do wish it had been a slightly smoother texture though; I found the cashew was ground up enough for my taste.

We then moved on to trivia at the St James Well. I indulged in chicken wings which didn’t look anything like I was expecting! We think we were about middle of the pack, but it only ever shows the top six teams. For only having three people again, we’re okay with that!

Well I’m home and dead tired so off to sleep.

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Today is Brought to you By the Letters Ch

    1. Yes we were happy with the coding. It’s a new topic for us this year so it’s still a steep learning curve for what’s going to work in the classroom.

      1. I think it’s a great addition to the curriculum! Everything new involves working out the kinks and making it better but as long as the kids are enjoying it while learning then that’s what matters.

      1. That just makes me smile AJ – when I was a kid, we’d have gotten “pocket protectors” from the dads who came for “career week”!

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