I am so close to a holiday, I can almost taste it!


Today was as crazy as ever with trying to tie up loose ends. We had a visit from an operating room nurse this morning that was informative and interesting. I didn’t realize the hospital near me provided so many services!

It was also the wrap up of our community unit today so we had the students dress up as a career. There were some super good ideas- arborist, lacrosse player, vet, dance teacher, hockey player, mom, teacher, coach, etc.

We wrote about the parent visits. I can’t say they was any great writing- mostly just lists of which parents came.

We also did some catch-up before the students took their books home.

After school I had the fun of meeting with eight different parents. The last one showed up out of the blue:(. I survived, but that’s about all I can say about the meetings.


My stomach wasn’t very happy so my run was not great and definitely not as fast as yesterday. I feel like I weigh about a hundred pounds extra right now, so I’m just glad I went and that I’m still on track to make my 100 kilometers this month:)

Knitting/ Reading:

I have discovered a way to read a hard cover while I knit endlessly in the round so it’s been a nice, quiet evening by the fire:)

Have fun!



41 thoughts on “T-19 Hours

  1. There’s nothing worse than your stomach feeling heavy during a run. It makes the run seem so much harder! A bunch of my friends are nurses and it’s crazy to me the variety of services that hospitals provide.

    1. No land to go anywhere yet:( I need to go away for at least one night though so I have something to talk about when I come back!

  2. Well by now you are done and on holiday … we’re getting some snow tonight and so they say slick tomorrow morning – our one nice day was fleeting and there was severe weather which put a damper on things. Enjoy your time off AJ!

    1. Yes I’m off and enjoying every moment!
      Oh that’s too bad your good weather didn’t stick around, but hopefully it will be back soon!!!

      1. I think next Thursday. I got caught in a snow squall today – it was beautiful, sunny and blue skies and suddenly it turned gray and snowed like crazy for about 1/2 hour. Of course I had to be out in it. When it cleared up, I went back out. 🙂

      2. It amazes me how quickly the weather can change! I’m enjoying the sunshine and will keep hoping for you to get some too!

      3. Yes that squall was scary – blew up so fast! Then the sun came out and even though it wasn’t warm outside, the sun helped the snow to melt and the wind blew the rest away. It was a “Twilight Zone” moment, like the snow never happened.

    1. Oh I love how it allows me to accomplish something while sitting on the couch:) Have you tried something small? I started with dishcloths for friends and family for Christmas gifts (paired with BBW soap)

  3. I can remember very well the anticipation of a break from school. I retired from a 30+ year teaching career 1 1/2 years ago. Enjoy your well-deserved break!

  4. Aw I love that an OR nurse came in! I bet she had some fascinating stories.

    I’m sure you feel good having those meetings behind you too.

    I love when you can knock out two birds with one stone- knitting & reading by a fire sounds just perfect!!

    1. The OR nurse was super interesting and I liked that it was more specific for the kids than an RN.
      Yup no more report cards and no more interviews- life is good!
      Yes now I can do my two favourite things at the same time😀

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