It was my first day of holiday and quite lovely!


I met up with Sarah and Kula for a run/ walk this morning. We ran a few Km then hiked up the coquitlam crunch and then ran back down. It was a little shorter than I was hoping for, but always nice to have company!

I also got my 200 squats and 100 crunches done today:)


I picked my mom up and she had the great idea of heading to Bruce’s Market which has been on my list for a year.

We first went looking for a new quilting store I had heard about from a colleague, called DinkyDoos. It was definitely difficult to find in the back of a new industrial park. The store is very large and bright and has some beautiful packages of fabrics. I did notice that a lot of their fabrics had a muted tone to it. I think they need to have a couple of people doing their material ordering so they get greater variety in their fabric selection.

I remember stopping at Bruce’s Market when I was a kid on the way to camping. I hadn’t been back in about thirty years!

It was not as large as I was expecting, but they sure pack a lot into this small space. It starts with a deli that has some delicious sounding sandwiches and wonderful looking desserts at it. If you have food allergies though, this is not the place for you! I was super hungry but didn’t find anything that would work for me:(

They had a cute gift section where I found a couple of gifts for Christmas:). There were lots of mugs, stationary, scarves, and kitchen gadgets.

There was a small section at the back of refrigerated items like milk, ice cream, cheese, etc. I did notice that items were at least a dollar or two more than what I usually pay. After seeing this, I didn’t pay much attention to the fresh veggie or canned goods items.

I’m glad I went and looked at the Market after having it in my list for so long, but I don’t think I need to go back.


I always have lots of restaurants on my list and one was only a 13 minute drive from where I was, so we went for it. Humble Roots was definitely a little off the beaten path. It is a small cafe with a patio that would double the space. They serve breakfast all day and are open until 3pm. I ordered the Salmon Sammy along with fruit salad and my mom got The Canuck- a breakfast sandwich with turkey sausage and a side of hash browns.

My sandwich ended up coming with hash browns, but they did kindly bring me a side of fruit salad when I asked.

The sandwich was fine- a little soggy on the bottom, but the salmon was a nice large juicy piece and I liked the pesto on it. My mom’s sandwich was so big she couldn’t get her mouth around it. We both found the hash browns to be overdone so didn’t make much progress on them! The fruit salad was awesome- fresh and not from the can!

It was good enough, but not something I have to make the half hour drive for.


Since we were driving right by I decided to knock another item off my Spring Bucket List by stopping at the nursery. I asked the woman for a plant that likes bright sunlight and to be watered once a week. I thought overwatering had killed my mom’s Christmas cacti, but she made me realize maybe I was underwatering. Obviously I can’t progress to an animals yet as I can’t keep a plant alive🤣

I came home with two new Christmas cacti, but will wait a few weeks to see if my cacti come back to life.


I kidnapped my mom to come home and help me tackle another closet in my place. I figured my sweater closet was a good place to go looking for the moths. I haven’t completed it yet, but have re-organized and gotten rid of a few things, so am feeling very productive!


I finished the book, Hot Winter Nights by Jill Shalvis. This is a part of her Hertbreaker Bay series and I’ve read them all. I enjoyed this book as much as all the rest. This book is the story of Molly Malone and Lucas Knight. They work for Hunt Industries and Lucas is tasked by his partner and friend Joe (Molly’s brother) to protect Molly on her first investigation. I loved how drama-Free this book was and how the whole crowd was featured:). Definitely a great chick lit read, though I would read the series in order.


So I’ve just noticed that my stats are way down lately- anybody want to tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Well I’m going back to my chick flicks and knitting:)

Have fun!


31 thoughts on “Bruce’s Market * New Restaurant ✅ Replace Plants✅

    1. I don’t do it for the stats, but wanted to make sure I hadn’t blocked something or hit a wrong button🤣
      Thank you! I love hearing about your family:)

    1. That’s good it’s melting!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed you’re able to get outside soon! Of course, having the excuse to stay inside can be nice too😜

  1. I am waiting for spring to come! Its been nothing but rains here!
    Your stats maybe down momentarily, I’m sure they’ll shoot back up in no time!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  2. sounds like a good start to your break even if you didn’t find anything at the market and the restaurant was just… ok!?!? I haven’t been great about reading blogs lately myself. last week we had a lot of warmer days so I was doing more out and about than reading. Things will settle back out once spring is here to stay, but these tease days are too nice to not take advantage

    1. Oh I hope you’re on the mend!!! I know a lot of people at work have been super sick too. It seems like a flu that just clings

    1. Oh I’ve been knitting but it’s just been boring stockinette.
      Yes I just need to come up with what my handmade Christmas gift is going to be this year!
      It was such a cute name and I overheard that it was picked because the owners used to calm their son that

  3. Sounds like a great first day of vacation! How long are you off? I wonder if the stats are down because this is a typical “spring break” time of year/busy time for school. Maybe people are just busy because your posts are great!

    1. I’m actually off for two whole weeks! I count today as my first real day of holiday as it’s the first day I would have had to go to work.
      Thanks that means a lot coming from you!!:)

      1. Yes I love how this year Easter isn’t attached so I get two weeks now and still get a long weekend in April.

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