Sorry about yesterday- I fell asleep at 7:30pm. I figure I must have been fighting the slight cold i came down with today.


I hadn’t set an alarm last night, but my nephew’s text woke me up this morning so I figured I might as well go for a run. I only made just over 4km very slowly, but it was at least something. I finished my Squad Runner mission up with a walk in the sunshine this afternoon.

I also got my 100 crunches, 200 squats and a workout called butt blaster done this evening. It had donkey kicks, fire hydrants and one legged Bridges in it. I’m sure my glutes will be talking tomorrow!


I met my friend Lyndsay at Starbucks this morning and then we headed off to the outlets at the airport. I was supposed to be shopping for new Spring clothes, but I only bought more workout gear🤣

I found two pairs of my ASICS Trail shoes at the outlet🎊🎉. I figured it was the end of the last season of them before they were discontinued, so I bought both.

I also found a new running jacket and vest:). Sometimes it helps to be an uncommon size!

I laugh because I spent most of the day thinking the prices were still too expensive, but I guess I have no problem spending big money on workout gear🤣

It was nice to spend the day wandering around the stores and Lyndsay found lots of interesting things too.


We then met up with our friend Corianne and Lyndsay’s son for lunch at Brown’s Social House. I was starving by this time! I had the potato crusted cod with the cowboy salad.

It was very yummy though I inhaled it so fast I could barely taste it! This was the first time I had been to Browns where the music and crowd were quiet enough to actually enjoy yourself! It was great!


I have spent most of the evening relaxing on my couch with my book. I finished Good Luck With That by Kristan Higgins. When I started the book I was having difficulty keeping the characters straight and with the emphasis on obesity. However once again, Kristan Higgins won me over! The story was realistic, not perfect, but you were rooting for the characters. I loved the message too- you have to learn to love yourself! Definitely worth a read in the end!

Well, that’s it for me!

Have fun!


32 thoughts on “Go Shopping✅

  1. So glad you found your shoes!! It was smart to grab both pairs.

    It’s the first day of spring so does that mean the cold is on it’s way out for good?!

    1. Yes I wish they’d had my regular shoes too but every box that said 2.5 actually had 3.5 shoes in it:( Oh well, at least my trail shoes will be awesome for a while!
      It better be! We’ve had great sun for two days but now it’s gone away:( At least it’s not snow though!

  2. Yay for new workout gear! I’m like you, I can spend over $100 for a pair of running shoes and not bat an eye but really have to think about it if it’s just regular everyday shoes.

    1. Yup I don’t want to see my bank account today🤣. I had never realized that about myself before, but it is so true! I like to think I use my workout gear so often that I’m definitely getting my money’s worth:)

  3. Workout gear is important – it motivates you more. I am mostly in sweatsuits in Winter and will be glad to shed a few layers and not be bundled up so much so I really feel like I am “moving” … glad you found the extra shoes which you thought were discontinued. A good day and the potato crusted cod and cowboy salad makes me hungry!

    1. Yup whenever I get in a workout rut I go buy new gear as I always want to use it!
      Yes at least my trail shoes will be my favourite for a few more years, just wish I had been able to find my road shoes too!
      The lunch was good though I have to admit I was so hungry I barely tasted it.

      1. Maybe enough people will be asking about them that they’ll start making/selling them again. I come home sometimes so hungry when I have been out walking for hours and hours, my oatmeal is in my toes. I’ll look around for anything before I get time to fix something!

      2. I would love that!
        Yes I am very guilty of eating while preparing food so that’s why I do my food prep once a week now so my food is ready when I walk in the door!

      3. I do that for my oatmeal, I make it and load the stuff into it so I just have to add hot water. I put some granola, cinnamon, raisins or dried fruit like cherries or berries, and powdered milk to make it creamy. Since you told me about putting peanut butter in it after it is ready to eat, I’ve been doing that – I love the nutty taste. I could eat two of them a day.

      4. I could eat oatmeal every meal too especially since there are so many options of what to put into it!

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