It was so lovely this morning to lay in bed reading for a while!


I picked up my mom and we wanted to stop at a furniture store, but couldn’t get there, so we went to my place and she helped me tackle a couple of cupboards in my kitchen. I am so loving having organization in my life!!! I’m pretty good at staying tidy and organized if an item has a home, but as soon as it doesn’t, I’m a wreck:(

Family Time:

I had planned to hit a new restaurant for lunch today, but the organizing took longer than expected, so we went directly to pick up my nephew. He had texted me the other day and asked if we could go for ice cream😍Awww! I had absolutely no hesitation in agreeing and we even got Nanny B to come along:) We went to Matteo’s Gelato which definitely has the most dairy free options in my neighborhood. It didn’t have quite as many as it will during the summer, but I still had choice:). I picked mango and coconut and wasn’t disappointed!

Afterwards I dragged G along to look at two furniture stores, but I still didn’t find a couch:(


I finally had to admit midafternoon that I wouldn’t be doing my 70 minute mission all in one run today:(. I just don’t have the energy or the lung capacity for it. I did however go out and get 35 minutes done and I’ll do another 35 minutes tomorrow. I’m hoping I can get some longer runs in soon though so I can get my mileage up for my yearly challenge! I didn’t push myself on tonight’s run and was hampered by having to dodge and weave around the crazy busy park! I was still happy to see I was under a 7 minute km:)


I have to admit I’ve spent most of the evening laying on my couch in the sunshine reading:) it’s been lovely and may have been interrupted by a short nap😀

I finished One Perfect Kiss by Jaci Burton. This is the latest book in the Hope Series and I’ve read every single one of them! I love this series because of the friend group featured in it. I want to be part of that group as they seem to have so much fun!!! This is a cute, fluffy fun read:)

Well I’m going to go start my next book or maybe work on my sleeve.

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “Spend Time With Gus✅

  1. I totally get what you mean but the second something doesn’t have a place, organization goes out the window. Mango gelato sounds delicious and refreshing. I hope you find a couch you like soon!

    1. Yup! I am so good as long as I know exactly where to put something!
      I hope I do too as I’ve been looking for about a year now😳

      1. Me too!
        One thing I heard was don’t rush it when decorating or buying furniture. You’ll end up spending more money in the long run since you’ll buy things you don’t truly love.

    1. Yes I love spending time with him so it’s good he doesn’t mind too much 🤣
      Yup ice cream is our thing in my family:)

    1. Thank you! I am trying to enjoy every moment! I love spending time with my nephew so can only hope he feels the same. He is 11, soon to be twelve!

  2. sounds like you are continuing to make the most out of your break. I’m sure your family is enjoying getting the opportunity to spend the extra time with you as well

  3. What a lovely day! It’s great when everyone’s in the park but all the weaving and dodging does get tiring, doesn’t it. Everyone in the world was cycling on the canal on Sunday when we were running along it!

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