It was a much busier day than I had expected!


My day started earlier than expected with a plea from both my nephew and SIL to see if his wallet was in my car. Sure enough it was (when did he get old enough to have a wallet?!?!). He wanted it this morning as he was going out for lunch, so I decided to combine dropping that off with a run on the dykes. It was such a gorgeous morning out there and not very many people! I got just over 5km in:)

This evening I met up with Sarah for a short run through a park. It was just the right amount to add some mileage and yet not to me in:). I need all the mileage I can get as I’d like to get up to 300km by April 1st so I’m back on track!


I had going downtown and having Umaluma ice cream on my spring bucket list and thought I would combine that with having a look at the Vegan Supply Store that is across the street. I even had my friend Kathryn lined up to come with me:).

The Vegan Supply Store was small, but neat to look through. They have an amazing selection of vegan cheese and I may have gone a little crazy. I didn’t buy any Black Sheep Vegan Cheese as I saw they were about $3-$5 more expensive than I can get them here at home.

I think I’m the future, I would just go when I need cheese for a cheese tray, and I may look into their online shopping:)

After spending time in there we walked across the street to check out the Umaluma, only to find it didn’t open until 5pm😢. The owner was coming out and offered to sell me a pint, but I knew it wouldn’t make it home. I did suggest he open a location further East!


We instead ended up at Virtuous Pie. It is always good. I was planning to share a Stranger Wings pizza with Kathryn, but after ordering realized it wasn’t automatically gf. As it had already gone into the oven, I had to order another pizza and so got the chorizo and artichoke pizza. It was good, but not quite as amazing as Stranger Wings.

I brought most of it home as I was full after two slices and then took some to my friend Sarah for her dinner.

After a long skytrain ride home I walked in the door to a text inviting me for Happy Hour at my local Earls with Michelle and her boyfriend who is here from Amsterdam. I couldn’t resist so headed over there to enjoy some water and garlic fries with them before my run. I love hanging out with these – their relationship so so great!!! I’m thinking I’ll try to catch up with them tomorrow for Games Night too.


I’ve been home reading for the rest of the night and think I’m heading to bed now!

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “Social Butterfly and Half a ✅

  1. Good thinking to combine your run and returning your nephew’s wallet. Gotta love killing two birds with one stone! The pizza looks good! I love when I order a pizza and it leaves me with leftovers at a restaurant.

      1. I do too, but I’m just trying to get rid of my few extra pounds right now so having only one meal of the splurges is best for now:)

  2. sounds like you had a fun and busy day. that pizza looks tasty, sorry you didn’t have your ice cream, but now you know not to go back so early next time

    1. The pizza was good!! I do t know if I’ll bother going downtown again or just buy some at the natural grocery store.

      1. I must have missed that you have two weeks well OMG, that is wonderful. That is why you go an extra 6 minutes (if I remember correctly) every day for classes?

      2. Wow your memory is amazing! Yes we get the extra week for cost saving measures. It started about four years ago and it was hilarious that they actually took a poll after the first year to see if people wanted to go back to only one week. It’s a nice break and I normally feel human again and ready to teach afterwards:)

      3. Thank you – I thought it was great that they offered you such a “deal” and why would they think anyone would give up the extra week of vacation? They have suggested doing this at our schools to make up the many days lost for the ice, big wind events and the Polar Vortex. The idea didn’t go over well and going later in June will not fly as they said people have vacations planned and cannot break their plans. The Canadian school system is so much better on so many levels!

      4. I would like to either move to year round schooling -3 months on, 1 month off, or work an hour extra a day and only have a four day week.

      5. I would certainly go for that too … now will you get off Good Friday and Easter Monday as well? In the U.S., they don’t celebrate Easter Monday and it used to be mandatory to give off three hours for church services on Good Friday and I don’t think that happens anymore either. Years ago we got a 1/2 day off, then after the merger at our law firm, zero time off and if you wanted it, it was a vacation time.

      6. Wow US holidays are so complicated!!! Yes I get Good Friday and Easter Monday off. Sometimes they are connected to Spring Break but I like it better when they aren’t:)

  3. Good thing he found that wallet! I bet the little guy was panicking!

    Aw that was so kind of the owner to offer a pint! Bummer it didn’t open until 5 though… that seems like an odd time for an ice cream store.

    Artichoke on pizza is ah-may-zing!! Mmm mm! I’m glad you got some good time with friends 🙂 You are really making the most of your days!

    1. Yes his mom was panicking even more!!
      It was nice, but I knew it wouldn’t make it home with me:(. I told the owner he needs to come further East and open about 11am🤣
      The pizza was really good though I think Stranger wings with buffalo cauliflower bites on it is still my favourite!
      I am trying to make every moment count as I know soon enough I’ll be back to work and my mom will be off on another adventure

      1. Yes exactly!!! hahaha. never too early for ice cream!

        Those cauliflower bites sound phenomenal.. …mmmmm. I have a recipe I make at home, but I’d love to try those!

        You are definitely soaking it all up! Enjoy, AJ! ❤

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