It was a lovely day and a better than expected evening.


Once again, I really didn’t want to run this morning, but I also really want to get caught up on my goal! I did finally get 4.25km done again after sleeping in for almost an hour. That is unfortunately the only exercise I got today:(


I hopped in the car and headed downtown to spend the day window shopping with one of my oldest friends. It was a lot of fun and I managed to buy nothing:)🤣


We tried a new restaurant for lunch. It has been open on West 4th for about 8 months and is called Gobble. It has a great clean, fresh atmosphere! I really like the concept of build your own bowl. You choose a protein, two bases and a sauce and they put it together for you. They had lots of options of protein, including vegan and some interesting sounding bases and sauces. My friend got a lentil and a potato base with pork and then Smokey honey mustard sauce. It looked great and she said it tasted good too. I thought the bowl might be too much food for me so I went with a vegan, gluten free savory tart. It was very yummy!!! It was great because the woman made the tarts herself so she could tell me exactly what was in them:) I need to make some of these!

I will definitely have to go back as the woman said they are going to start having vegan, gluten free strawberry cheesecake next week!

We also stopped at a new coffee shop called Their There later in the afternoon. I had a chai latte that was kind of powdery and my friend had an ice mocha and a cronut. She said the ice mocha wasn’t great, but the cronut was delicious. I’ll have to take her word for it:)


Throughout the day we had visited a few different bakeries as I was looking for a lemon meringue pie for my dad for his birthday. I can’t believe no one had a lemon meringue pie! I finally ended up with silly bars for him. I did stop on my way home and deliver the dolly bars and a hug. He was off for fish and chips with my aunt and uncle.


This evening I had to attend my Strata AGM. It wasn’t as horrible as I expected, but my least favourite resolution won. I think I live with a lot of short-sighted people!!!

I had to giggle to myself how quickly I can make a judgement about a person. When we were electing the new council a woman nominated herself and I immediately thought – “nope, she’d be a pain to have on council”. When she later spoke, it really did cement my initial judgement. I just hope others felt the same!!!


While I was at the meeting all I really wanted to be doing was knitting. I am more than halfway through the yoke of my sweater and am determined to finish it tonight!!!

I must go and knit!

Have fun!


38 thoughts on “Friend Time

  1. The tart and bowl both look delicious! That is so nice the woman was able to tell you exactly what was in the tart so you didn’t accidentally eat something you can’t have.

  2. sounds like you need to go back to the restaurant, but not the coffee shop. I think teachers become really good judges of character since we deal with a whole new crew of students and parents each year. I usually make pretty accurate judgments on people very quickly… its probably not the best thing to do, but when it’s right… it’s right!

    1. I actually had a job once where I was paid just to make judgements about people and I was good at it, so I usually just got with my first impression

    1. I was super happy to get to try somewhere new and I definitely gobbled the food since I didn’t have time for more than a spoonful of Pb before my run

      1. Thank you for doing that AJ – I will check her out as well. I was really behind in Reader and intended to do a post last night and decided I’d better catch up first –
        tonight for sure. A rainy morning this morning … a cold rain, so on the inside looking out.

      2. Aw that’s too bad you’ve had rain! I’ve been so lucky to have had gorgeous weather for my holiday and it’s supposed to continue! We’ve only had one day of rain in two weeks which is pretty odd for us.
        My friend doesn’t have a blog so don’t worry she won’t add to your reader:)

      3. I was behind in Reader and didn’t finish. Tonight I did a blog post and it made me later. I still have the pictures from last Saturday to spin into a post. I have a follower that is lives locally and she has a blog (on Blogr) … she does hiking and is trying to start a group of people who like to hike/walk. So I followed her. Her blog is similar to mine. I still have a few blogging pals from when I blogged at Patch, so we still follow each other, so posts to read not here at WordPress.

      4. Wow you keep very busy! I had to make a rule not to read posts at home as it was eating through my data plan very quickly. In that way I am looking forward to going back to work when I can catch up on some Reader reading:)
        Are you going to join the woman’s hiking group?

      5. Yes, that would do that – you mention a laptop, you have to leave it at work then as it issued by the school? I was thinking about it, though they only do the rustic trails, April does not really care for paved surfaces. We have issues with ticks and she says she just watches after walking and plucks them off if need be. She is trying to organize something called a “meditative group walk” … she mentioned that to me the first time she responded to a post. Apparently, you can get accredited for that and she says she can do it without accreditation but for the interim, she would just do it while getting some people together for a hike.

      6. Hmmm when I was back East I stuck to paves walls as I don’t like the thought of ticks.
        A meditative walk- I’m too busy looking around!🤣

      7. Yes, I am glad you said that because I thought I was the only one paranoid of ticks. Last year we had a lot of rain in the Spring (every weekend for 9 weekends in a row). People were having trouble getting lawns cut – the health department warned us against West Nile virus due to the mosquitoes hatching in all the water, and tick bites. I don’t particularly want to be hiking where they are ticks. Me too – I am busy looking everywhere … I need to mull it over some. She mentioned me in her blog today and hoped I’d join her or the other walkers.

      8. I think so because in her blog post yesterday she mentioned my name and said I was going to the local parks and trails – (she had gone to Ohio for that post) and hoped to meet up with her one day. I read somewhere that you can use one of those adhesive rollers to roll over your clothes and also over a dog’s fur (ouch??) to pick up ticks. The picture showed alot of ticks though. I wouldn’t want to take a chance. We had a weatherman years ago, probably 15 or so years ago. He went up North to visit a friend’s cottage and got bitten by a deer tick. He got Lyme Disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He had been the nightly TV forecaster and well liked and people wanted to know when Rob Kress was returning to his job. Finally, they had to hire someone and did a story on him – he said, just swinging his legs out of bed and putting his feet on the floor caused him so much fatigue, that he was powerless to even get up and walk across the floor. He never recovered and never returned to his job. Likewise, I have a high school classmate that also suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He was a journalist for years, and his beat was covering all the local bands and also any rock bands that came into town. I don’t know if he was bitten by a tick, or just has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but he is on disability and cannot even freelance from his home. He spends the better part of his day sleeping and rarely if ever leaves the house. I really thought I should share these stories with this girl (April) – she is only 40 years old and would not remember Rob Kress, but I am very leery.

      9. Oh my! I had read about a woman who had Lyme disease before I went East and that’s why I was careful. You could always ask her what strategy she has towards ticks- maybe get her thinking about it

      10. Yes, that’s true too. I am leery, as you were – reading about someone with it was one thing, but this weatherman … he was this red-headed guy, always cheerful and he did these “man-in-the-street” interviews. One day I was on my lunch hour (in Downtown Detroit) and it was a Fall day, late October, with just beautiful sunny and warm weather. He was going up to women and had a button inside his coat and he’s flip the coat open and the big button said “have you kissed your weatherman today?” (Today you couldn’t do that … people would object.) So the button is off-camera and he was going to all the females. I had my 10 seconds of fame – was wearing a blouse of my mom’s and she said “good thing I knew you were wearing it if you were going to be on the 6:00 p.m. news!” So the ladies gave him a peck on the cheek and at the end of the piece, he revealed his button. We have a measles outbreak here – the person who was in New York and caused the measles outbreak, then came here. He/she went all over the place – 28 people have the measles right now.

      11. Yes we have a measles outbreak here too. They’ve just announced that parents now have to show vaccination records to register their children for public school- about time I say!
        That weatherman sounds fun!

      12. I know they did that in New York; have not implemented it here. I agree with you – about time! Yes he was fun and I felt badly when I heard about him. Between him and my high school classmate … I want to explore new places, but I always have them in the back of my mind. We are having a very ugly rainy day here … maybe a little slushy snow as it dips down low tofay … maybe tomorrow will not be good for walking either. Sigh.

      13. Awww that’s too bad! We have beautiful sunshine again, but it is supposed to be our last day of it before we go back to our regular rain.
        I hope you get out for a couple of miles🤞🏻

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