It was another lovely holiday day!


My 7km this morning was painfully slow. My whole body just wasn’t into it. It got done though and I am that much closer to being on track for my yearly goal. I just hope the 6km tomorrow morning go better!

I also got my 200 squats done this evening. I realized it had been a while, so figured I’d better get on that!


I went and met up with my friend Liane again today and we went to Granville Island and wandered around. It was a gorgeous day so the place was packed! We both agreed it was nice to go when there were no time constraints though! I checked out both knitting stores and didn’t find a thing. I actually only bought a book for my classroom. It is really neat as it explains the traditions around the world that surround loose teeth. My students are obsessed with loose teeth so I think this will be popular:)

We had lunch, but mine wasn’t anything to write home about.


On my way home from Liane’s I stopped at Pomme and got myself a container of Umaluma ice cream (since I seem to have real trouble getting to their store!). I got salted caramel sea foam and it was okay. Maybe I’m just in a mood, but it didn’t seem as good as it did when I had it in the ice cream shop:(

Oh well, at least I can take it off my list now.

Knitting/ Reading:

I have spent the evening knitting on my current project, the April Tank Top, but I’m really not liking how the yarn is working up. I need to find an alternative quickly!

As I’ve been muddling along on my knitting, I’ve been listening to Great Expectations and thankfully, I’m almost done!

Hopefully tomorrow I can solve the yarn problem and finish the book, but for now, I’m heading to bed!

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Umaluma Ice Cream✅ Wander Vancouver✅

    1. I know!!! I was so glad to find it as it just gives a paragraph about each country so it will be perfect for my students!

  1. Just a few thoughts. I can’t even imagine what 200 squats feels like. I love Charles Dickens, but I do think he is an acquired taste. What yarn are you knitting with?

    1. I read somewhere that if you did no other exercise, do 200 squats as it works your biggest muscles:)
      I’ve read lots of other Dickens and enjoyed it, so t know what’s up with this book but it’s been a slog!
      I was using Cascade Heritage Paints, but the striping doesn’t suit the tank top:(

  2. You and Mackenzie have the most-interesting ice-cream places – we have Calder’s Dairy which has pure cream ice cream and I think I mentioned their egg nog to you at Christmas – you can stick a spoon in it as it’s so thick. Their chocolate and strawberry milk takes like a milk shake. It is best not to beat a path to their door if you want your clothes to fit. 🙂

    1. Oh that sounds very yummy! I love ice cream but now have to make do with the fake kinds. That’s probably why mine sound weird🤣

      1. Calder’s ice cream is pure fat. Right out of high school and part of college, a friend worked there … we’d go for a single scoop, no telling what size scoop that Carol plopped on the sugar cone, but it wasn’t a single scoop and not a dainty size, that’s for sure!

      2. Oh I remember doing something similar with DQ Blizzards. Now I don’t know how I ate that entire extra large blizzard!

      3. It was one time, you are excused. I’ve only had a few of them … I tried the pumpkin pie that they have in the Fall just before they close … it was good.

  3. Oh I’m afraid to admit my early teen years were filled with too many Blizzards to count, but thankfully never again!

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