This is what one of our Little grade one EAL boys came along and said when we were out running. It was just so cute!

I had a weird start yesterday where my eye once again felt like it had something in it and I literally couldn’t stay awake. I actually fell asleep at my desk and one of my colleagues woke me up. Don’t have a clue what that was about, but I did come home last night and go straight to sleep!


We started a new warm-up in writer’s workshop to practice fluent writing. We put a topic on the board and the students have to write as much as they can about it in two minutes. It went well as did the beginning of their story writing:)

We changed desks and we started learning about Canada in the afternoon. The students were super excited to find out where we got to. Since we’re still in BC we did an overview of the province and today we’ll learn about Abbotsford.


I had a lovely massage and then spent a bit of time on my April Tank.


Tuesday has turned into trivia night at the pub. There were three of us last night, but I really wasn’t much help:(. It was still fun though!

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “I’m All Owchie

  1. sounds like a good day. I”m glad your students are enjoying the writing process. it is always a challenge to get everyone willing to write for any length of time.

      1. that gets frustrating because part of you wants to just say it is spelled ____ can we move on? and part knows it is better to have the child work it out on his own. You want to move forward, but what is the best way? I’m sure as you do more and more writing in this style, he will begin to move forward

      2. We are hoping so as he is heading into grade three next year and still is crying every day about thus

  2. The writing prompt with 2 minutes is a great idea. The kids can’t stall and it makes them think faster.

    Hopefully you’re feeling much more rested today!

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