My day just felt very chaotic start to finish.


Half of my class seemed to be missing for different reasons this morning so we finished our project from yesterday. As part of Health and Career Education the students had to decorate a person like themselves and then surround the person with words that describe themselves. Some, of course, turned out better than others. Some had real trouble identifying characteristics of their personality rather than just what they like.

We finally accomplished Calendar and read the book The Recess Queen and brainstormed ways we can solve problems for a class book. I was super impressed with what the students came up with!

We did get a tiny bit of math done which centered around addition and subtraction word problems. I had to slow the children down as they just wanted to blurt the answer, but I need them to learn the steps!

Finally we did some rainy day art, even though it turned out to be a spectacular sunny day. It was simple and yet quite cute!

After school we had the kids Bookclub which went really well today!


I walked home with sore feet, but still had to go out for a run to finish my Squad Runner mission and to get going towards my yearly goal. My slowest km was the first and it was the only one where I got to go downhill. I’m sure you can figure out my run wasn’t super great today, but I did what I had planned to do!

It was definitely my music that got me through the run! I sometimes run without, but prefer to have music. I know some people stick to s certain genre, but I’m all over the place. Some of the ones that got me going today were:

Rockin Robin by Bobby Day

Singles You Up by Jordan Davis

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson

Downtown by Macklemore

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard

Stick Like Glue- Sugarland

Don’t Stop Believin- Journey

Hit Me With Your Best Shot- Pat Benatar

Stronger- Kelly Clarkson

I have hundreds of songs on my playlist, but maybe I’ll share some regularly in case anyone is looking for some new running music. I have to warn you that I don’t pay attention to how fast the music is though.


Still working on the April Tank Top…


I’m working hard on getting some books off my TBR and tonight I was reading Definitely Not Mr. Darcy. It is about a broke single mom who goes to England to participate in a Regency era reality dating show. So far, it’s okay, but not amazing, but maybe it will improve dramatically.

If my mixed up day was t enough I had both my laundry detergent and my fan fall over this evening. They both startled me as they made quite the racket!

Well I have an early day tomorrow so I’m going to sleep early!

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “Chaos and Art

  1. What a superb running playlist!! Do share more of those, that was fun. We get Uptown Funk played at every race now, and I have some funny memories of being tired but still being able to ham it up and wave my arms in the air at the appropriate moments!

  2. The rainy day art is so cute!

    Stronger is such a jam while struggling on a run! So many of those songs are great motivators for running.

    1. Yup I must love them too as I keep showing up to work🤣
      I do too! It’s so bad because I have too many songs on my run playlist that I like to sing along to and I have to resist doing that!

      1. Lol I have too but with teaching and living in the same community I really do try to not make a spectacle of myself🤣

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