Well the highlights of my day were first thing and last thing. Pretty good bookends:)


In the month of April, our show and tell theme is “something you can read”. Each student practices a book to read to the class. It is one of my favourite months of sharing as it is so neat to see how far they have all come in their reading!

I changed up Friday journals again for last term to having the children write a newspaper. We still brainstormed all we had done this week and each student picked one topic to write about. I then shrunk the writing and pictures down, attached them to one 11×17 sheet I had folded in half and photocopied one for each student. I was super happy with how it turned out! This week I made the children correct their spelling, but the other teachers were suggesting that I don’t so parents can see how their child is doing. I’ll think about that and may alternate between the two as I think it’s also important for children to learn to edit for a good copy. The neatest thing was that they voted on a name and decided on Miss B’s Busy Bees at Work.

We also finally got to our word problems this morning, but had to give up running in order to do so.

Finally this afternoon we had flashlight Friday reading which the children love, buddy time with our older buddies and the Miss B draw. All in all, a pretty good Friday!

After school we had to stay and put the gymnastics equipment away:( At least it’s done now.


I met up with L for a workout and it was okay, though I already feel it.

We did a half hour rolling hills workout for cardio. I was on the bike so it definitely used different muscles than normal!

Then we did squat to military press, plank rows, hip swings and push-up to plank jacks -10 reps each with a minute of treadmill running in between.

Since that wasn’t enough we ended with static lunge with front raise, swing lunge to lateral raise and v ups- 3 sets.

I was definitely ready for the steam by the end!


I ran home and grabbed a quick shower then we hit Freshii for dinner (the kids Kung fu bowl is perfect for me), and then we did Costco.

It was great to do Costco as Lyndsay and I eat similarly so we could share a lot of things that normally come in too big of a quantity for me to buy. We got tomatoes, celery, beets, sole fillets, ground turkey, overnight oats, mushrooms, grapes, and Thai peanut coconut sauce. I can’t wait to try it on the fish!

We both felt a little unorganized tonight and figure we’ll do a better job of lists, etc next time:)

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Yay Friday

    1. Exactly! I love getting stuff for cheaper but I don’t have the room for storage or the stomach capacity for those large quantities.

  1. sounds like a good way to end the school week. I often struggle between letting children write their own way when it is getting sent home for all to see. You want the parents to see, but you don’t want them to judge.

    1. Exactly! I don’t want a parent or child embarrassed just because they aren’t quite at the level of the other children. Sometimes I think just letting parents see the printing is enough

  2. I have never been to Costco – I always hear about the great deals though. You have an amazing energy level. (I will need an amazing energy level as I embark on two days of Reader at 10:00 p.m. – not going to happen tonight … I’ll be behind all week.)

    1. Costco is dangerous! You never walk out just with what was on the list:(
      Nope I regularly take naps and I go to bed incredibly early🤣
      I’m always behind, I’ve just given up on being on top of it and hope everyone understands

      1. It is nice you can share the low price with someone – that’s a great idea. I went to bed early Friday night – maybe 9:15 I think. I am trying to go to bed early twice a week at least. I won’t get it all done tonight – going to step at 11:00 as I am getting heavy eyes. Alot of fresh air this morning while walking (6 miles).

      2. Yes I am super excited I found someone to share Costco with as the products come in large quantities!
        6 miles is great! I walked 3.5km this morning and finally ran 4.5km tonight. I’m done now!

      3. Did you have nice weather to run all those miles AJ? Yes, I was happy for my 6 miles – supposed to be nice through Wednesday then it gets a little odd – we are not getting this big blizzard that is coming through the Midwest but will get the tail end of it – maybe an inch of snow, this on the heels of 73 F (22C) today! I do hear about Costco’s bargain … no one around the share with though. 😦

      4. We have had nice weather except for Saturday morning, but this week is calling for a mix of rain and sun.
        I was so happy to finally find someone to share Costco with!

    1. Yes I love this show and tell! It also shows me what books I need to get for the classroom.
      Ugh I wish there was a flat route somewhere around me!

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