Why does Sunday always have to be ruined by adulting?


I got out for a 3.5km walk with Brenda this morning and it was nice to get caught up. I couldn’t believe we didn’t get rained on!

This evening my luck held and I had a dry 4.5km run. Not my best run, but not my worst either.

I’ve also gotten 100 squats, 100 crunches and 100 arm exercises done today:)


Sunday is all about getting ready for the week so after a quick stop at the grocery store, I hit the kitchen. I had bought a Thai mango salad at Costco and made it up for my lunches this week. I love how it has a bite to it.

I also had picked up beets so I combined them with the bright herb greens, some feta and Candied walnuts. I always love making all the ingredients as then I feel like I’m really cooking. This recipe was nice and simple, but I would suggest blotting the nuts on paper towel before using them.

I made peanut butter cookies. I had planned to make chocolate peanut butter bars, but forgot to buy icing sugar so instead made the cookies for this week’s treat. I bought Jiff peanut butter as the recipe had recommended a non-natural peanut butter. I really don’t know how people eat that stuff! I’m taking the rest to my friend at work who loves it.

I also got the Sally’s Baking Addiction Challenge.

The April Challenge was for soft dinner rolls but this recipe didn’t translate to gluten free, dairy free as well as the others have. The rolls taste good, but definitely resemble hamburger buns more than dinner rolls. It was still nice to make some bread as that’s something I always enjoy doing.


Still on the April Tank Top.


I ran over this afternoon to watch my nephew play an exhibition lacrosse game as he was playing across the street from me. I always love seeing him, but was slightly uncomfortable as he was playing my previous students so I knew a lot of the families I had to walk by to join my brother and sister in law. Nobody was rude, you just know that feeling when everyone is teasing you as you walk by.


I finished Definitely Not Mr. Darcy by Karen Doornebos today. The story is of Chloe who is a divorced mother of one whose life is spiraling downward so she decides to enter a reality tv show in London. It’s not quite the reality show she is expecting as it’s actually a dating show.

I realized about halfway through exactly what was going to happen which is always somewhat disappointing. I also found the premise so unrealistic as to be hard to get into the story. However, I sure wouldn’t mind meeting a man like Henry Wrightman.🤣

Well that’s it for me today.

Have fun!


35 thoughts on “Sunday Sunday

  1. Sorry the book was disappointing, but what a busy day! I managed to cook 5 portions of my main meal on Friday so have 7 portions of two different sauces in the freezer which will see me through a couple of weeks with other meals added, what a relief. We tried lacrosse at school but it was massive heavy wooden sticks with rope nets and too hard to control!

    1. Oh that sounds like you’re super prepared:).
      I am so not co-ordinated that I just stick with running, but it’s my nephew’s 4th year of lacrosse so I guess he loves it. The sticks are so expensive now that they’d better be light!

  2. I completely agree with the first sentence! Why is adulting a thing? Can’t food magically appear in my fridge/freezer/pantry so I can do fun things?

    It’s funny you mentioned Jif. I used to eat that ALL the time! I grew up eating it and in college I tried a few natural peanut butters but they weren’t good to me. Now I use Kirkland from Costco and it’s sooo much better than processed stuff. I even feel bad feeding Bailey the last little bit of Jif that we have which probably makes me crazy.

    1. Yup I went to be able to just do fun stuff!
      I’ve been eating the natural stuff so long now that I had forgotten how tasteless the processed stuff is. My cookies don’t even taste as good as they should:(
      My brothers used to put peanut butter on the top of my dog’s mouth so don’t worry you’re definitely not being that mean!

      1. The one downside to natural pb is that it can be harder to bake with. I have seen the big brands have natural pb that isn’t runny so I’ll need to pick some up for baking I think.

      2. Yes, but the processed ones just don’t have as much taste:( If you find a good natural brand for baking, please let me know:)

      3. I will! I’ll probably try with the Kirkland brand first just to see before I try other brands. Will totally keep you posted though 🙂

  3. I like Jiff for eating, but I prefer Reese’s pb for baking as it has more pb flavor. I keep saying I’m going to bake and still have yet to make anything. you are doing better than me.

    1. I eat a local peanut butter that has absolutely nothing but peanuts in it and it’s so good! I was just surprised how unflavorful Jif was in comparison. I’ve never heard of Reese’s Pb but you guys have tons more products than we do

  4. I did try the natural peanut butter one time and found I liked the Jif better but they had the creamy, not the nutty and I suspect that is the main reason. Your biscuits look delicious – I was salivating over them!

    1. Oh I like creamy peanut butter and a really strong peanut flavour. I can abide by everyone being able to like whatever peanut butter they want to🤣

      1. I just bought the Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter and it was a little oily on top – maybe I didn’t mix it enough, but I think it is better for you isn’t it?

      2. Yes you have to mix it quite a bit to get the oil evenly distributed throughout. Supposedly it is better for you the less ingredients it has

      3. It’s worth another try. I really like the Adams brand of natural peanut butter:). You just have to mix it about twice as much as you’d expect to

      4. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that brand here – just Smucker’s and another brand (organic maybe)? I will get one next time I go grocery shopping and try again. Here is the big story today in Michigan: High school, middle school kids are ordering their food to be delivered to school at lunchtime (they use the app Grub Hub) … so the administrative staff at the schools are not in favor of it and the article said that even the elementary schools have pizza being delivered to them – their parents order it for them. https://www.freep.com/story/news/education/2019/04/10/schools-ban-food-deliveries-grubhub-doordash-ubereats/3400131002/

      5. Yes I’ve heard of that happening here too, but o lot for high schools. Crazy! Does nobody make their own food anymore?

      6. I had to share that with you – unbelievable! When I was in junior high (what they now call middle school here) and high school, kids either brought their lunch or ate at the cafeteria. We had no free lunches either – now, the schools offer breakfast and lunch to some kids for free (especially in Detroit) and they have organizations that sponsor food for kids in the Summer months (breakfast/lunch) so they don’t go hungry. I had no idea they were doing this – if it isn’t Grub Hub, they are ordering food and having an Uber or Lyft go pick it up and deliver it. This was a trending topic here in Detroit today, especially for the elementary schools. I am not the only one amazed. (I’d have said it was because I was older.)

      7. That is crazy! We have a few inner city schools with meal programs but as far as I know they only run during the school year.

      8. I agree with you AJ – you should not have kids if you can’t afford to feed them. It’s just wrong. They ask for corporate sponsors and if not the government subsidizes the program and it is because they say the kids will not receive proper nutrition otherwise. I think a lot of kids who are NOT on the program don’t get proper nutrition – i.e. some kids who eat what they want and the parents don’t monitor their food.

      9. I agree and it is not nice of me to say this but the people who say they cannot feed their kids still have smartphones and cable TV and many of them smoke. I see how much cigarettes are when I go to buy gas. So that is not right claiming you are destitute and saying you cannot provide for your kids.

  5. Yes that pesky Adulting, lol. But it did not sound like a bad Sunday. I am up to 100 crunches and 25 push ups. After I move to the Denver area I am going to work on getting numbers like yours!

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