Well I went back to work today though all I really wanted to do was sleep!


We had to do a lot of catch up as my TOC spent a lot of time singing with my class. Singing is great, but I really wish she had done what I had left first!!! My students were great though and we got through a lot!

Of course, first thing this morning I got the news I was getting a new international student today! It definitely made for a busy start and I’m nowhere near having everything ready for her:(

After school, I got home as quickly as I could so I could get a nap in. Totally necessary by that point!


I’ve had my nephew Gus tonight. We met up with my parents for dinner at Red Robin. I split a guacamole bacon burger with my mom, and it was okay. It was nice to see my parents finally since I was quarantined until this point

Gus and I continued on to play a couple of games of bowling. We were way better when we had them put the bumpers up🤣. I’m not sure bowling is ever going to be our game.

Finally we stopped for ice cream at Matteo’s and came home to veg. He is playing on his phone and I found a Hallmark movie:)


The Sweetest Heart is about a bakery owner who wants to expand, but just as her business has the opportunity to grow, her old flame returns to town. This movie has two very cute men in it and makes me want to bake!!!

I’m back to enjoying the couch with this cutie!

22 thoughts on “Half Alive

  1. Glad you are up and about – at least it is the weekend so you can catch up on sleep – we’re having a rainy day tomorrow, so I’m going to catch up on sleep too. 🙂

  2. I hope everything goes smoothly with the international student! Those types of things have a way of working the kinks out themselves- I’m sure it will all work out  Keep us posted!

    Also, I love Red Robin- Their Whiskey River Burger was my jam when I ate meat. Oh, and those fries with their seasoning- mmm mm! Now I’m craving it all.

    Sounds like a great time with Gus! Thanks for sharing, AJ !

    1. I’m hoping she stays sweet as so far she’s been absolutely silent!
      I love guacamole so take every opportunity to have it!!! Red Robin is always a safe bet with Gus and I love the kid so much he gets what he wants from me:)

  3. I”m sure your students were glad to have you back. will you have to start singing all your lessons now to keep up with the entertainment they had with the sub? glad you enjoyed your time with your family.

  4. Red Robin is so good! I went a few times and thought it was good, but recently I realized just how good!
    I don’t care for Hallmark movies as much, but I’d love this one for the sake of the bakery story. I love that idea!

      1. Yes I’m trying to avoid baking this weekend, but know I’m really going to want to as it’s supposed to rain all weekend

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