I finally got to leave my house today!!


I felt like if I didn’t move, I’d go crazy, but I also knew I couldn’t do much. My awesome running buddy Sarah did a nice, slow 2.5km Koop of the forest so I could at least feel like I had done something. It was nice to be able to breathe at the end:)

Errands/ Shopping:

I grabbed my mom for some company and headed out to get a few things done, though I wasn’t allowed to leave her place until I got my taxes done!! We both got haircuts, I picked up this cool calming drink that my sister in law told me about, grabbed some diet gingerale, and actually ended up buying a SodaStream machine. I’m hoping I’ll never need to deal with a can again!

I also got to try out a new cafe in the mall food court I had been eyeing. It’s a sandwich shop that actually had gf options. I split a Cali from Chachies with my mom. Guacamole and chicken- how much better can it get?


I finished Sister’s of Summer’s End by Lori Foster today.

What an amazing read! Joy Lee is the recreation leader at the RV park and Royce has bought the drive-in next door. After a rough first meeting, these two quickly grow necessary for each other.

First I liked how this book had realistic emotion without drama just for drama. I admire an author who can take everyday emotions and make them enough for a book!

I also liked the whole group mentality of this book. It is definitely about more than just Joy and Royce and features the whole crew of the RV Park. Daron and Maris’ story is enough of a reason to read this book!

I love the strong focus on friendships in this book too. It seems to acknowledge that these are just as important as a love interest!

I think anyone who enjoys sweet with a touch of steamy would enjoy this book!

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and Lori Foster, the author for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Since I’ve been too sick to knit this week I am now trying to get caught up quickly on my test knit. I don’t know why this tank seems to be taking me forever!!


I have Pitch Perfect on to keep me company as I knit away. It just makes me want to get the others in the series. It might have something to do with Jesse😀🤪

Have fun!


36 thoughts on “Finally Out

  1. Glad you’ve got out again finally! And that book sounds quite good although UK and US NetGalley are sometimes quite different (also I have a big BIG pile of light reads so don’t really need any more. Hm).

      1. I’ve got a big non fiction habit and am also re-reading my fave lit fic author but I’ve got a big old pile of lighter novels to take the edge off, too! No problem with having both in my life!

      1. Feel better soon – you never know how good you feel on a normal, everyday day until you have a bad cold – ugh. We have rain every day but Friday this week and yesterday was the pits with the torrential rain and wind!

      2. It was beautiful sunshine today which was lovely:)
        I can’t run until I can get rid of this cough:(

      3. Our weather is not so great – I have to look outside and see if I can get out and if so, not to the Park as we are supposed to have rain this morning – it’s very cold out there as well, so not fun for a walk in the chilly rain.

      4. Yes, for the holiday weekend. We are supposed to have an okay Sunday, but I will likely hold off trying any new parks unless it dries up on Saturday … the trails will be very soggy right now from all the rain.

      5. I’m hoping to get back to running this weekend, but I know it will be soggy as it’s been raining quite a bit here:(
        I can’t wait to see which park you explore next!

      6. I’m thinking of doing a walk called “The Mutt Strut” – they have two events, a run/walk in the morning and later in the morning, a walk for people and their dogs. All funds go to the animal welfare/shelters. I don’t have a dog but thought it might be fun, so I want to scope out the park to see where the walk will take place. I’ve never been to this park. I have to register – I’ve been on the fence about registering for any more 5Ks as I registered for so many that were crummy weather (torrential rain type of weather) last year.

  2. glad you are starting to feel better again. getting out and moving will help with that too as long as you don’t push yourself beyond your limits

    1. I’ve only seen the first of the series so I’m going to have to go looking for the others.
      I love trying new places too! Did you like the places?

      1. Oh definitely! The first one was my favorite, but the rest were very good too!
        I did! It was a soup and sandwich place…so good! I had lobster bisque soup with a southwestern chipotle turkey sandwich😋

      2. Oh my that sounds so good! I had forgotten how much I love a soup and sandwich lunch until I had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich today!

      3. I’ve always loved sandwiches! As a kid I used to sing the Sandwich song by Fred Penner incessantly🤣

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