It’s a good thing I’m a flexible person!! My day at work never seems to go according to plan!


My special helper was pulled for reading support first thing this morning, so Calendar was delayed, journals went out the window and we worked on finishing up stuff from last week.

At lunch I had a meeting where nothing was decided and I got to hear people complain about how track attack was going. Too bad no one had the guts to tell me these things to my face when I was planning track attack!

Track attack this afternoon seemed to go fine, but then, what do I know. When I’m with children I’m focused on them, not on what else is happening. Hopefully it was smooth everywhere else!

After doing a few laps for jog-a-long after school (yes I just walked today), I sat down to organize the drivers for Como Lake relays. It is a local race that I am taking 25 students to. I guess there was some drama last week as two other teachers sat down to do the drivers, decided there weren’t enough drivers, sent hinge another set of forms, and of course today I found we have too many drivers. I’m glad I won’t be there Wednesday afternoon when parents grumble because they’ve taken time off and only have to take their own child.

It is days like this that I would like to just teach in my classroom and nothing else!


My mom stopped by this evening to help me with a few things before they leave town in the morning. I don’t think she considered these to-do items when she prayed for a petite daughter. We got my chair moved, the lightbulbs replaced in the kitchen, my storage locker checked, and my bike repositioned in the back of my truck. It’s a pain that being so short none of these items are easy. We also figured out my SodaStream and it was user error.


I have spent the evening knitting like crazy and have finally finished the stockinette body of the April Tank. Tomorrow I have to learn how to do German short rows😳


Once again, Hallmark kept me company as I was knitting. I watched Matchmaker Santa which was cute and extremely unrealistic, even for a Christmas movie! I also watched Autumn Dreams which was quite cute!

Well I need sleep in the hopes of one day getting rid of this cold so I can run again!

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Flexibility

  1. Ugh admin is the worst! Your thing about the track reminds me of when I tested my book titles out with a lot of people – yay they’re great. Books weren’t selling, I changed the titles round – Oh, I never liked those titles. Argh!

  2. Ah the drama from adults when children are involved. I can relate because I’m a Girl Scout troop leader and the girls are always fine but it’s the parents that complain and are a pain to deal with!

  3. I really appreciate your ability to be flexible about the day. I hate it when things go even a bit out of plan!

  4. That was quite a list of jobs completed. As for the grumblers….smile sweetly and say, “You have so many ideas for improvement, I’ll just turn next year’s track program over to you!” The grumbling will stop immediately, or you will get a break from it. A win-win for you. I had to do that all the time with volunteers or county staff. It made life much easier, and it changed their perspective!

  5. Sorry for all the hassles you have to deal with – always a going on when you are trying to organize and run an ongoing event. Agree with Kathy – the big idea people can run it next year!

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