The work day was long, but the night was fun!


Nothing too exciting- another day of being flexible because we had class photos interrupt us this morning. There went writer’s workshop:(

We got a math drill done and the children drew our tree in Spring while I was out doing track attack again this afternoon.

After school I ran around gathering all the supplies we need for Como Lake relays tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be standing in the rain for a few hours tomorrow:(


I tried the German short rows today and was doing fine, but I couldn’t do all the repeats because I ran out of stitches. The first row I had to knit to 15 stitches before the marker each way. On the second row would it says to knit to 14 stitches before the double stitch. Is that right or should it be 16 stitches before the market? Please help if you know about this!


We had a pretty good group for trivia tonight, but I was absolutely no help as it was an all-tv night and I don’t watch tv. I got a couple of the questions from shows I watched as a kid.

I got:

The actor who played the father on Growing Pains.

The last name of the family on the show Family Ties.

The name of the judge on Night Court.

The last name of the actor on Silver Spoons.

The name of the actor who played Roseanne’s husband.

The name of the character on Saved By the Bell who went on to Showgirls.

The country Lucy’s husband came from on I Love Lucy.

The creator of Fraggle Rock.

That was about it though. It seemed like a lot of the questions were about really old shows.

Next week it is back to being a variety of topics. I feel like I should read some non fiction so I can be more helpful as they never ask about Hallmark movies🤣🤪

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

    1. Lol no there were 60 questions in total so I actually got very few. Need to study up!!🤣
      So far no rain, now I just need it to stay this way!

  1. I’m sure you know more non-fiction items than you realize. teachers typically do! trivia night sounds like a fun thing to do with friends

    1. I think I know a wide variety but so far there’s a lot of sports, music, tv shows, etc which I definitely don’t know!

    1. Not when there are 60 questions! Thankfully me friend is really good at tv shows so she carried us last night. We haven’t even made it into the top four yet:(

  2. I wouldn’t have done well on those trivia questions but I did know “The Keatons” and Harry Anderson because I used to watch TV back in the day. In fact this Trivia Night would be the one year anniversary of Harry Anderson’s death … heard that in the “news events of the day”.

      1. Yes, they mentioned it yesterday on the events in history info on my radio station that it had been a year ago (April 16th) – he had a stroke (resulting from complications from the flu which affected his heart). Scary – he was 65.

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