It was so lovely to have a Thursday that was really Friday:)


I don’t feel like we got much done but we completed a fact sheet about the Yukon Territory. It has the highest Canadian mountain- Mount Logan. It’s largest city and capital is Whitehorse which also happens to be the third largest city in Canada in actual size. It has the most northern botanical garden. The gold rush hit Alaska in 1896 and it became part of Canada in 1897.

We also got a class book made about comparing measurements. It was super cute as the book goes, ” I am smaller than a *, but bigger than a *”. The children came up with some neat ideas!

The best part of the day May have been my lunch! On Thursdays I have lunch delivered from lunch lady and today it was tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich. The ultimate comfort food on a wet, rainy day:)

This afternoon my co teacher and I got really ambitious and dyed eggs with 40 children. We only had five broken eggs and one tipped dye pot. Not bad! I like doing these things as I’m sure those are the events the children will actually remember:)


I have been alternating between knitting and reading and have gotten 1/4 of the way through the lace band at the bottom of my tank top. I’m hoping to finish tomorrow, but we’ll see.


I am reading The summer of Sunshine and Margot by Susan Mallory and am really enjoying it so far!


Still not really energetic so nothing but walking to and from work and 50 squats for me today. I’m hoping tomorrow to go back to normal!

That’s it for me tonight and I’m looking forward to lounging in bed tomorrow morning!

Have fun!


37 thoughts on “Friday in Disguise

      1. Yes it went well so it will probably become an annual event. I need to gather more supplies though!

  1. I am not sure I would ever take on coloring eggs at school, but I’m glad that it worked out so well for your students. I love completing class books it is such a great way to have the children collaborate on a project

    1. The eggs weren’t my idea but they went better than expected!
      We are trying to do two class books a month so that at the end of the year every student will get one to take home. We’ve mostly been covering the core competencies with them, but we have a couple of funny ones:)

      1. I usually try to do enough for each child to keep one at the end of the year too, but I’m not going to have made enough this year. I always send them home daily with the children as I make them and with the schedule of my class it didn’t work this year to do enough…. oh well.

  2. I’VE MISSED YOU!!! ❤️❤️ I’m trying to get back to people’s blogs! It’s nice to see that you had a great day. 😊 My Thursday was like a Friday as well… Really busy! The only problem is that my Friday will probably ALSO be like a Friday! 😂😂 AND A FULL MOON!!
    I can’t wait to see more on how you’ve been. 😊

    1. Oh my a Friday full moon is the worst! I hope you survive and I’m glad to hear I dodged that bullet this month!
      My life is the same as always so you haven’t missed much, but I’m glad you’re back as I’ve missed you too!

      1. They’re beautiful! You’re right about how children will remember it. I remember my second grade teacher used to do painting activities with us and nearly all of us remember the fun we had!

    1. I was a little worried, but considering how many kids we had in the room, it went well!
      We had all of the kids bring 2 eggs from home and then my co-teacher found some fake eggs at Walmart for $1.99 that we had in case children broke theirs

      1. Lol thank you! You’re so quick with words!! Yes the fake eggs took the dye just like regular eggs:) thankfully as we were worried about that!

    1. Oh it was so good!!!
      The egg dyeing turned out better than I expected and I know it’s those types of events the kids will actually remember

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