It was a quiet day, but I found out I don’t do well with no knitting project. I probably should have read or done something productive!


I got out this morning for a run to and around the park. It was nice and quiet on the trail now that it’s raining. Does anyone else picture themselves tripping and falling flat on their face? There are certain spots I slow down as I can see this happening! I still got 4.23km done so I was happy.

This evening I got out again in the hopes of making up some of my monthly mileage. I find it easy to get out when I tell myself I just have to run to the park and back:) I remember when I first started running and that was a long, tough run. I’m glad the just over 3km feels like nothing now:)

I also got my 100 squats, 100 crunches and 50 pushups, 50 dips done. I’ve been feeling quite lumpish today and so wanted to make sure I could remind myself I am regularly doing something about this!

I think I need to find some extrinsic motivation though!


I did make the carrot cake no bake balls from Minimalist Baker today.

They are okay, but not really worth the calories so I will take them to work.


I decided that I was 60 grams short for the tank top I started yesterday and that I wouldn’t bother playing yarn chicken, so frogged it. I then tried a smaller version of the socks I was making yesterday, but really need to print and highlight the instructions as there are so many sizes. I have been out of sorts all afternoon with not having a knitting project:( Please someone suggest something! Please! Please! Please!

Well I’m going to go curl up in bed and read.

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “Unsettled

  1. Hi AJ! It is awesome that your run to the park is no longer tough. I always love celebrating progress like that. Your bodyweight workout is impressive. Great job! I can relate to you as far as feeling like I need more extrinsic motivation. xx

    1. Thanks! It’s taken a long time but I’m slowly making progress. I just don’t know what to use for motivation right now:(

      1. It might be a good time to set some new goals 🙂 I am on week 12/12 of my current weightlifting program. I have been enjoying it, but last week I noticed that my motivation had gone way down. Hopefully we can find some fun ways to stay motivated!

        ❤ Alana

      2. It is weird how we go through phases. Not so long ago I used to be perfectly content with doing some of the youtube workout vidoes and home workouts, but now it has been harder to take those seriously. I have been working hard since January, but the number on the scale has barely budged. Lately, I have been more lax and am also worried about pounds creeping on. What is one thing you would like to work on these next 4 weeks?

      3. It sounds like you are on a great track and you know what you need to do. You got this! Maybe make sure you are eating enough protein, fiber, and veggies? This is actually a good reminder for myself because I have been slacking and the cravings have been strong as a result. I’m glad we talked about this. I know what I need to do now 😉

        ❤ Alana

  2. Any exercise is good exercise! Don’t beat yourself up to make up the mileage from when you were sick. You don’t want to get run down by exerting yourself too much.

  3. I had to laugh at your comment “but not really worth the calories so I will take them to work” I often feel that way. I love to bake and often it is about the actual process of baking not the eating of the item. But then the item is there so I have to try them. There are so many times where I’ll try something and say… it’s ok but not worth the calories.

    glad you are starting to get back into workout out again, I know that will help you feel better on many levels. hope you find a project, sorry can’t help you there, so not my area (:

    1. Lol I still ate way too many of them! I should have stopped after one, but they were my snack with tea. It is definitely more about the process than the end result, a lot of the time!
      I am definitely happy to be back to being active!!!

  4. I’ve walked for 25 years and fell only once. My toe caught in an uneven sidewalk, and down I went. I was so afraid that someone would see me that I jumped up pronto. That reinforced the five-second rule. You’re not hurt if you can get up in five seconds. Running might be an entirely different matter. Don’t fall to test it.

  5. Sorry I don’t have any knitting recs! Those carrot balls look good- bummer they are a bit subpar, but I’m sure your colleagues will love them regardless!

    1. I usually love energy balls, but I felt like this one didn’t have enough taste. As I write this though I realize I ran out of cinnamon so maybe that was the problem. I’ll have to give them another try to be fair

  6. Are you interested in a patchwork blanket? I found some free blanket squares on Ravelry. Each square is a little different and can be a different color so you can use it stash. Just a thought.

  7. You’ve got remarkable exercise routine! I have worked on patchwork blanket before as well, that was fun and satisfying. Having no knitting project is tough, I know how that feels… xx Ellie

    1. Lol some days I do but other days I do nothing:(
      Yup another blogger suggested a patchwork quilt and that would be interesting as I’ve never done one before

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