Well that long weekend had to end sometime.


It was funny to listen to my student complain about how hard it was to come back to school after four days off. They don’t even have to run anything!

We finished our stories this morning and it was great to see some kids really pushing themselves to write more. There are some very strange stories though! One has “a human, an alien and a vampire. The vampire bit the human and then they got married.” I don’t want to know where that idea came from!

We did a little learning about the Northwest Territories, but the big event of the day was our visit from Urban Safari. They are an exotic animal rescue centre.

They brought a ton of different creatures including a stickbug, cockroaches, a tarantula, two different tortoises, a bearded lizard, a leopard lizard, two snakes, a bearded bunny, a ferret and a sugar glider.

It was neat that with each animal the woman pointed out why it was not a good pet as that’s the most common reason they end up with these creatures:(


I walked to and from school twice as I forgot stuff at home today. I also did a 2km run with the kids after school before my massage, but it was a rest day today.


I went to trivia tonight and it was just us five girls. The first game we were fourth, but then we went downhill. Maybe I got more interested in my wings and sangria🤣. I heard him say that every week there will be a question about an actor with three names so maybe I’ll start studying that. Otherwise, we really need to get better at music trivia! I have no idea how you study music though.

Some of the questions tonight were:

The events in a biathlon- shooting and cross country skiing.

Who was prime minister at Y2K? Jean Chretien

What year did outlaw Jesse James die? 1882

Which is fastest on land- a Golden Eagle, cheetah or gazelle? Golden Eagle

What was Pink’s best selling song? Just Give Me a Reason

Oh and the closest they got to a Hallmark movie question… which two movies have Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson been in? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Fool’s Gold

Well I’m off to curl up with my heating pad as my feet got wet this morning at track practice and so I’ve been freezing all day!

Have fun!


39 thoughts on “Back To It

  1. Those trivia questions are so hard! I don’t know any of them haha so it’s probably why I rarely go to trivia. In terms of music you just have to know it. Alex was super into music while in high school and early college and knows so much just from loving music.

    1. Trivia is fun and we were super excited to make the board for the first time after the first game. It’s just definitely the music round that is letting us down:(
      Yes my students do have very active imaginations!

  2. That’s good they pointed out how those animals don’t make good pets. Maybe eventually people will stop thinking exotic animals are good pets and leave them in nature as they should be!

  3. My husband and I have some exotic pets. We’ve had a ball python for more than 20 years. Even though she’s been housed alone she laid eggs last year! They were fertile, but didn’t hatch out.
    We also have a golden tegu, and red bellied toads. They are definitely more looking at pets, and not handling pets. I do handle the snake. Her name is Sweetie. 🙂

      1. I agree many exotic animals don’t make good pets too. Some birds live 80+ years. My lizard is of a species that is almost impossible to tame, but is much smaller than other tegus. So, easier to house, but not a very good pet. I do appreciate that my exotic pets don’t need constant care, so we have freedom to leave them for short trips.

      2. Oh that would be a bonus of them over a traditional pet. We learned about a turtle that lives 150 years! As well, a lot of the animals require high heat temperatures or don’t do a lot. Not great things if you have kids.

  4. sounds like a good day and I’m glad your students were able to get back into the swing of school even if they said they were struggling with it.

    Those trivia questions were hard. I have a lot of useless knowledge, but you have to hit the right question for me to get it right. As far as music I can usually sing a whole song but not be able to tell you who sings it, the name of the song and certainly not what album it is on

  5. haha I would be so awful at trivia- the questions are entertaining, but I would not know those answers! Also soo fun they brought those critters in. I bet the kids were loving it!

    1. I’m horrible at trivia too! It’s just fun to go out with friends:)
      The kids loved the urban safari!!! I was amazed at what they remembered today

  6. That must have been great to watch the children so engaged with the presentation.

    You’d want John on your team for history questions. We like music, but the things we like never appear in trivia questions.

      1. I worked with a woman years ago who ran a Trivia night at a club – she loved doing it and asked coworkers to give her difficult questions to use. I’ve never been good at trivia and if I watch Jeopardy, I don’t do so well there either.

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