It’s been a long day as I was at school for 7:15am to get stuff ready and am still here at 5:30pm:(


Today was a crazy day since we had to get ready for the student led conferences that all students did with their parents this afternoon. Days where we have so much to accomplish often end up feeling chaotic and crazy. I definitely am not as patient with the children as I expect myself to be!  It seems like after every word I say, they start talking!  We did finally get everything ready, but it pretty well took us all day!

I had a parent show up an hour and fifteen minutes late as I was walking out of the school. I felt bad for the child though, so turned around and came back in. I was the last teacher out:(  It will feel like a very short time before I have to come back here!


 I missed my group run so met up with Sarah just for a walk with the dogs (from a while ago, but they’re still cute!)

and then went out for my usual jaunt to the park. It’s not much but at least something!

I also got my 100 squats, 100 crunches, 50 pushups and 50 dips done today. I did them late, but didn’t want to admit to another day of not doing them. You all are pretty good at keeping me on track! Maybe I should make myself admit my food intake on here too!

I’ve been looking over my log of runs on Runkeeper. I really wish I had put notes in about who I ran with and how I was feeling. I think it would make the stats a lot more valuable as now I look at some stats and wonder what went wrong that day or how I did so well! I’m definitely deleting the runs from previous years where my GPS obviously went wonky as I’ve never done a km in less than 5 something minutes!!!

Well that’s all I’ve accomplished today!

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “A Long Friday Eve

  1. Hi AJ! The life of a teacher seems to be a happy, but unpredictable one. You are so good to give more of your time and energy to help all of your students! A nice walk with the dogs is a great way to unwind:)😊❤️❤️

    1. It is definitely unpredictable, but that makes every day interesting. Yes, getting out in nature definitely helped reset me:)

  2. That was nice of you to stay at school even with the late parent. Sometimes you have to do stuff even if you don’t want to though right?

  3. Sorry today was a bit trying- you definitely give your all for the kiddos- I’m sure it does not go unnoticed ❤ Also, it's a great idea for you record how you felt with the workouts!! I have thought about doing it, but never actually have. If you do I'll be curious how it helps provide insight into your running! Thanks for sharing, AJ 🙂 Hope you can get some rest this weekend.

    1. Thanks Mackenzie. I try to do my best so I have no regrets.
      I record my runs in runkeeper but am thinking I really need to record some details as when I see a really slow or really fast time I am left wondering what caused it!
      Have a great weekend!

  4. that is a crazy day. conference time is always a busy time frame. 1.5 hours late…. that is not acceptable, but I would probably have stayed too since the child was involved. if it was just the parent I would be …. sorry, but you will have to reschedule

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