Well I had no children today, but I was plenty tired at the end of the day anyways.


It was great to get a workout in with L this morning and not have to get up super early to do it! We did a half hour of hills on the treadmill and then hit the weights. We did something new for me where you do 4 reps of an exercise with heavy weights and then do the same exercise for 12 reps with lighter weights. We did squats, shoulder press, and rows. We also did leg drop crunches, reverse crunches, bicycles and planks. I definitely felt like I had a workout by the end.

This evening I went out for a run that was much shorter than I had planned as I was still full from lunch. I guess four hours wasn’t enough time! I managed a park loop for 4.5km and am just glad I didn’t see my lunch a second time!


No kids today, but I did a bunch of research about ADST as I have to teach and assess it this term. I have a plan for three activities and we’ll see how it goes!

I also got some time in on my loose parts program, but still need more Starbuck’s cups. Ugh I’m going to have to ask again:(


After putting in a good full day of work, Lyndsay and I headed out to try a new restaurant three towns over. On Spring Break I had gone to The Big Feast and today I went to their sister site- The Big Smoke Alehouse.

I had the Big Bad Guacamole Burger. It was incredibly messy, but yummy. I did miss the cheese on it though. I had mine with Cajun fries, which were good but I think Lyndsay’s garlic fries were even better. I would definitely go back again! Though I may not need to eat until Monday!


I finally got approved for another NetGalley book and am enjoying it a lot:)


Today was the start of Woolith Fair which is a local yarn shop crawl. I usually go with Brenda and you can read about last year’s Here. Brenda is away this year though and I just can’t decide if I should go see some stores by myself or not. Will it be fun or just a waste of gas?

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “ProD Day

  1. I would say it depends on the traffic. Here in SD, some people drive further than that just to buy groceries, but there’s no city traffic to contend with. I would drive that for a special event I wanted to see, but it would be much more fun to go with a friend. If the drive is pretty and the weather nice for driving, you might enjoy the change of scene, but if you already have too much yarn…..well….😉

    1. I never thought of it that way! I only let myself look at sale bins st the stores so I can try to stay out of trouble. I might try my local one and see how it goes and decide from there:)

  2. See if the yarn spirit moves you. Going on your own is sometimes more fun because you can concentrate better. I get swayed by others’ purchases. I don’t need to be told, Oh you can do that, c’mon, when I know I will make myself crazy doing THAT. Whatever you decide, enjoy. You teachers earn your weekends!!!!

  3. I would go! Going with friends is fun sometimes, but when you go on your own you can more do your own thing. And you can eat where you want as well. No compromises! Which can be fun once in a while.

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