Happy Weekend

It felt like this school week took three weeks to end! I think it’s just mentally getting to me that there are no days off in the month of June:(


I wanted to make sure that I finished off my monthly mileage so I went for a run this morning. I managed 4.93km and had okay times though, definitely not my fastest. There were so many people out! I met up with at least 12 people, including a father from my school. Of course when I got home I saw that I looked dreadful- all red and sweaty🤪.

This evening I decided it was too nice to not go out and enjoy the time so I went for a walk around the inlet. It was longer than usual because the trail is closed so had to take the road. Of course, I ended up frustrated when it didn’t count for my squad Easy mission. This app is driving me crazy lately!

I also did a short workout. I always worry that I’m disturbing the guy who lives below me so I tried to keep the jumping to a minimum. I did one minute each of the following and used 7lb weights where applicable:

Jump squats, standing crunch left, standing crunch right, reverse mountain climbers, hand release push ups, bicep curl to calf raise, banded monster walk, banded squat to curtsy lunge left, banded squat to curtsy lunge right, banded iso hip raise abductors, hamstring curls, toe taps, banded seated row, dumbbell double crunch, lateral lunge to upright row left, lateral lunge to upright row right.

I love doing exercises with the band!


I got a taste of what it must be like for most people as today all my friends at work were away. I only had one teacher who I’m friendly with there. It was really lonely!

We did our Friday newspaper and I noticed today how much more the students are writing! I may need to add in another page as it is getting difficult to get them all on one page. Some kids were even upset that I wouldn’t let them go onto another page!

We released the butterflies from Liane’s class. I did this with the principal. It’s quite nerve racking to teach in front of someone who controls your job! Especially when Liane is the expert who usually does the nature things!

This afternoon we had silent reading out on the field and then played with our buddies on the playground.

It definitely wasn’t an academic day!


Last night I finished the book, The Wedding Date Bargain by Mira Lynn Kelly. I found the start of this book a little confusing with all the jumping around in the timeline, but I’m glad I persevered. It had minimal drama and angst which is something I appreciate and the ending was so sweet:)

I have started reading another book in that series called Just This Once. So far, it’s okay, but hopefully it will improve!


Not great, not horrible, but I have no plans for the weekend so hopefully I’ll get back on track!

Product Review:

I had Amy’s Rice Mac and Cheese for lunch today. It was pretty good for a frozen meal, but definitely not homemade. If you’re GF and DF and need a ready made meal though- it’s not a bad option. I just found the portion size small for the amount of calories in it.

Have fun!


Happy Friday Eve

That’s how my mom started my day. It’s neat because she tells me what she pulls out of her jar every day:)


I took a break from morning runs today as I don’t really want to become predictable.

Today we tackled writing our report card goals (because six year olds are so good at that🙄), we wrote about releasing our butterflies yesterday and we worked on our Saskatchewan art. It was busy, but I didn’t feel particularly productive.


This is going to be short tonight as I’m almost done my book and want to get back to it!🤣


After a lovely nap, I made myself go out for a run. I tried putting insoles in my shoes tonight, but my toes still really hurt. I think tomorrow I’ll have to see if I can find wider shoes. I don’t want to hurt my feet permanently!

I was hoping for a long run tonight, but it was a zoo out there tonight. I must have run into at least three sets of kids, though I have to admit I like that, but dodging and weaving around people, no thank you! I’ll finish off my monthly mileage in the morning:)

I’m off to my book!

Have fun!


Workout Wednesday

It seems an appropriate post title as I do seem to do more exercise on Wednesday than any other day!


I got up this morning for my run again. I thought I was doing exactly what I’ve done the other mornings and yet my app said I did about a quarter kilometer less and much more slowly. Grrrr! Tomorrow night I will do a run after school!

I also did Workout Wednesday at school with the kids. It was only a couple of laps, but better than nothing:)

After school I did L’s bootcamp. It was quite the workout! We did:

Leg drop to hip raise/ alternate dumbbell lateral lunge

Single leg v up to tuck/ uppercuts

Squat with woodchop/ speed skater

Rollout abs/ banded hip bridge

Banded hamstring curls/ banded iso squat lateral walk

Banded squat jumps/ walking pushups

Dumbbell rows/ jump lunges

Spider-Man plank/ goblet squat to Feiffer

Halfway we did two minutes alternating running and skipping, and at the end we did two minutes alternating jumping jacks and high knees

I’ve realized since I’ve come home that I need to exhaust myself more so I don’t feel like working out again!

I did get to Zumba tonight though and got just slightly warm in the middle of the class. Maybe that means I am finally getting some of the moves. Of course I only have two classes left now🤣


We had a busy day today! This morning we did a butterfly observation and a math sheet about shapes. After recess we had the High Touch High Tech scientist come in and do experiments about force and motion. The children really liked it- I think they liked the catapults best, especially after they convinced me to sit on a stool in front of them to see if they could get the pompoms over my head🤣

This afternoon we wrote about the science, and released our butterflies. We had two who left immediately and then two others who didn’t want to go at all!

It was kind of hilarious at work today because our kindergarten teacher was away today and we had a make TOC. I got sent down to tell him about workout Wednesday, I got sent down to deliver the core competency assessment booklet to him, and then I got sent down with a note to be left for the regular teacher. Can you tell he was extremely good looking and very personable?!?!🤣. We actually ended up talking for about a half hour after school. He’s just a very friendly guy:). Yes, I admit I wouldn’t mind having him show up at school again. He’s very easy to talk to and interesting.


I am working away on the baby cardigan and have gotten to the point where I divide for the sleeves and body. I’m sure hoping I can get this done by Tuesday. I had better find some buttons for it this weekend!


A so so day.

Breakfast- a ham and cheese one egg omelette and a sausage patty (trying to have a bigger breakfast on the advice of another blogger)

Recess: scone

Lunch: chicken and salad

Snack: 1 serving multigrain corn chips

Dinner: salad and chicken, 2 cookies (thankfully the cookies are gone now)

Not the worst, but not the best.

Well that’s it for me for the day!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #10

It was a slower day than I was expecting:)


I got out for my run again this morning. I was a little bit faster which was nice, though I tried not to think about speed while I was out there. I could have sworn I went further today than I did yesterday, but yet my app doesn’t show that:(. Oh well, at least I got just over 3km in.

It was cooler this morning which was nice, but I also met more people which you’d think I wouldn’t on the cooler, cloudier day.


We had our assembly for jog a long this morning. It was nice to see that t wasn’t just top runners who were recognized, but also those who showed great spirit or sportsmanship. I love it when the non-athletic have a chance to be rewarded too!

We had a math drill, and this afternoon we watched a movie on friction in preparation for tomorrow.

After school Liane and I finished our report templates and got the materials ready for assessment. It relieved of the angst.


I am working on the baby cardigan and got about another fifteen rows done tonight. I only have until June 4th so I’d better set aside a good chunk of my weekend too!


I was horrible at trivia tonight- about the only thing I contributed was my neat printing. It was neat that my parents came though and got to see what I do each Tuesday night. Unfortunately it’s not a time that is conducive to visiting as it’s way too loud to hear in there!

Some questions:

Which NFL team was the first to go an entire season without winning a game?

Detroit Lions

Where was the original Jaws movie set?

New York

What is the alcohol in a Tom Collins?


Who wrote the Sherlock Holmes series?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

What are non magical people on Harry Potter called?


What Olympic event did Bruce Jenner win?


Where is the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?


Who painted Starry Night?

Vincent Van Gogh

We definitely didn’t have our best night🤣


I knew today was going to be horrible so I’m just going to move past it.

Breakfast: banana chips

Recess: lemon blueberry scone

Lunch: staff luncheon- a salad bar so I had green salad without cheese or dressing, green salad with thousand island dressing, quinoa salad, bean salad, salt water taffy

Snack: about three servings of multigrain corn chips

Dinner: 1 hot wing and a sangria

I am done for the day!

Have fun!


Does It Have to be Monday?

I would really like my holiday to hurry up and get here, but could somebody else do all the work I have to get done beforehand?


I got out first thing this morning for a run as I knew it would be tough to get one in tonight. I love running in the morning- perfect temperature, quiet, beautiful, and slow??? I am so much slower in the morning:(. I’m putting it down to the fact that I haven’t eaten in about fourteen hours at this point, but I don’t know. I know lots of people run in the morning! I might just try to ignore that and go out more often in the morning. It wasn’t long- just over 3km, but it was lovely!


Our butterflies hatched over the weekend and the kids were fascinated! We only have one that has not emerged and that’s the one that dropped a few times so I may be explaining some life and death to my class this week:(

We also tackled a journal about butterflies, started our geometry unit, and played with magnets. The kids were amazed by playing with iron fillings and a magnet. I love the hands on activities where they are super engaged.

After school my co teacher and I tackled our report template. Of course I lost it when we were 3/4 done so then we had to redo it😢🤦🏼‍♀️


Once again I grabbed my mom to keep me company on my errands. We hit the mall so I could get a new CO2 canister (I’m really loving my sodastream machine), some Mio which is the flavouring I use in it, and a new water bottle. I also managed to pick up Canada beach balls as the year end gift for my students and the fruit snacks for our big year end field trip. I feel like it was a pretty productive time:)


It’s something about work! I eat so much more when I’m at work than I do when I’m home!

Breakfast: sausage patty with an egg

Recess: scone, banana chips

Lunch: salad greens, turkey, dressing, Rice Krispie square

Snack: oatmeal

Dinner: shrimp, cookie

Ugh there goes the better number on the scale:(


I got the pattern printed at school today, but last night I got the collar done, so now I want to go get the next part completed:)

Have fun!


Shopping Addict

It would appear I am addicted to shopping when my mother is in town.


I at least started the day off right with a run with Sarah and Dennis. We did just over 5km our at Colony Farm and it was lovely, though already getting warm!

This evening, I did my 50 squats, 50 plié squats, 50 pushups, 50 dips, 100 lunges (in various directions), 100 ab exercises. Hopefully that will help!


I picked my mom up and we headed two towns over to a shoe store, though we did stop and visit with my aunt on the way. About fifteen years ago, this shoe store sold kids shoes that were awesome. I am still wearing a few pairs I got from there. Then they stopped making kids shoes and I was devastated! Well, I learned this week that they were back to making kids shoes so I really wanted to check them out. I came home with 5 pairs! At least I know I should get my use out of them!

My mom and I also hit a store looking for an outfit for her high school reunion. She found a very cute outfit, though she pouted the whole time as she hates shopping when she has to try things on, she much prefers just watching me🤣. I also found a few things, including a dress for the end of year assembly that perfectly matches one of the shoes I bought! It was obviously meant to be!


After all this shopping and my mom buying open toed shoes for the reunion, I decided we needed pedicures. We stopped in and made an appointment, and I think we were in and out within forty five minutes. I feel like it used to take forever, but it seemed very quick today! I’d like to show you our toes, but once again, I’m out of picture storage:(


Breakfast: a sausage patty with an egg and jalapeño cheese on top

Lunch: salmon salad from the pub, but eaten on my lap in the nail salon

Snack: banana chips, multigrain corn chips


I have started my next project. It is a cute little cardigan for my oldest friend’s baby. I sure hope I can get it done by June 4th!

Well I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


I Got to Run With Someone!

It was a really nice day, despite the rain!


I slept late and spent the morning doing a tour of fifteen different garage sales with Liane, my co-teacher. We do this twice a year for the city wide garage sales and it’s a lot of fun finding treasures. This time wasn’t quite as much fun as usual because it poured rain and was super cold the whole time. I did find a few things, but the best were three knitting the books! The lady was very surprised to learn I knit, but we ended up having a good conversation. The books are:

Rowan Knitting Magazine Volume 31

50 Baby Bootees to Knit

Debbie Bliss Cotton Knits For All Seasons

I’ll be starting a pattern from the last book tomorrow for my friend’s son.

I did finally call a halt as I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore.


I was just walking up the stairs to my place when I got a text from my mom saying she was coming up the stairs at the other end of the building. What great timing! She had brought me a rotisserie chicken to exchange for the chicken wings🤣 so not necessary!

I did finally get to give her her gift which means I can show you what I did. Keep in mind, none of my gifts ever end up looking great🤣

I had to use a plastic canister so she can easily move it from boat to trailer and back again, but hopefully she’ll enjoy it for the next year:)

While my mom went to get a card for my aunt, I dragged her over to the running store so she could tell me whether the Buff hat I’ve been eyeing looked okay or not. I have a difficult time finding a hat that doesn’t look too big! I did end up buying it and it looks similar to this one but without the dark section. I like that it will go with all my running jackets:)


I dragged myself out for a run this afternoon. It was tough to go out as it was gray and dreary and I was still cold from this morning. Of course, once I was out there it turned warm and sunny (which I wasn’t dressed for)! I commented on this to a woman when I was about halfway through my run, and I ended up completing my run with her! 😀 Turns our she is a local girl like me who did the garage sales this morning and is a teacher at the middle school that my school feeds into. So cool! The run went really fast with someone to talk to. Now I just have to decide if it’s stalkerish to email her at work on Monday to give her my phone number to text if she’s ever wanting company on a run again???


After dropping off some hangers a lady bought from me, I have spent the afternoon knitting and reading. I finally finished my socks and am completely happy with them. They actually haven’t left my feet yet. I used the Rose City Rollers pattern again, but the XL in the littles edition and it fits perfectly. I love this pattern for a quick, easy sock. I keep telling myself I should do a different sock, but these ones are just so perfect…

The yarn was a sock yarn from Michael’s years ago and it doesn’t have the tag attached anymore so I’m not sure what it is.


I finished reading The Bride Test by Helen Hoang this evening. I had loved her book The Kiss Quotient and was pleasantly surprised when this book turned out to be the sequel and featured a lot of the same characters. This second book may have been even better! I read it in a day and couldn’t put it down! The characters are great! The autistic male lead is very realistic and portrayed well. The female lead is a strong character who has had a tough road in life, but isn’t afraid of a little hard work to improve her circumstances. The plot does not lag at all and has a really good pace! I highly recommend this book for people who enjoy chick lit!


Not as perfect as I had planned:(

Breakfast: chai and a mini scone

Lunch: chicken leg and a cookie

Snack: multigrain corn chips

Dinner: orange pepper and hummus, 10 cucumber slices with fake cheese, banana chips

I really need to do my eating earlier in the day!

Well, I think that’s it for me today!

Have fun!


Busy Friday

It was just a busy day all around!


We wrote about the Michael Mitchell concert we saw yesterday. The kids are getting really good at getting more details down!

We did our weekly stem challenge- which was to build a house of cards. First we had them see who could use the most cards and then we had them try and build the highest tower. They were certainly engaged!

This afternoon we had flashlight Friday reading and then had our final math addition drill. We also cleaned our desks and the library. It was a busy day with just lots of little things. Oh and to top it all off we had an indoor lunch because there was a bear in the property🙄


I had a workout with L today and she warned me it was a doozy! Our cardio switched between sprinting intervals and walking 15% incline hills! We then went to the floor where we did tricep extensions, squats, plank jacks, crunches, pushups, squat jacks. We alternated these with planks and squats. I am definitely going to feel this one!


I picked my mom up this evening for a quick trip to Costco for a shrimp platter that they ended up not having:( it’s too bad as I wanted one too! I ended up messing up and buying roasted garlic chicken legs which I can’t eat instead of the rotisserie chicken:(


Breakfast: an egg with some jalapeño cheddar

Recess: 1/3 cup granola, zucchini slices

Lunch: oatmeal and an apple

Snack: berry sorbet

Dinner: shrimp, 4 Buddig turkey slices

Well I’m home on my couch now and going to go knit and hopefully finish my sock. I should probably be cleaning before my mom sees my place, but oh well!

Have fun!



It’s been hot here today and I feel like I have ogre feet. I really hope it rains tomorrow!


My day was slightly crazy, but probably no more so than usual. We did writer’s workshop and did an acrostic poem for our Father’s Day card.

We watched Ian- short film about inclusion that my principal had sent out. It definitely highlights that she has never taught elementary as it went completely over their heads!

This afternoon we had Michael Mitchell come to the school for a concert. It was very cool as he specializes in Canadian folk songs. Canada in My Pocket is probably his most famous song. It is very catchy and will be the centerpiece of my money unit this year.


After work I headed with many fellow teachers to a fundraiser for the wigs for kids foundation. One of our education assistants runs this every year. It was fun to sit and chat and catch up with some people o hadn’t seen in a while, but I was happy to come home too.

I’ve heard that a teacher from school won the 50/50 and two other teachers won baskets:)


I sat down tonight and finally finished my mom’s gift. As I told her- it’s not pretty, but it’s done and she’s getting it!


A slightly better day.

Breakfast- one egg with a little fake cheddar melted on it

Recess: 1/3 cup granola

Lunch: chicken burger

Snack: berry sorbet

Dinner: hamburger in a lettuce wrap (part of the fundraiser)

I’m not sure that burger was gf/df though as I’m not feeling spectacular right now.

Have fun!


Track Meet

It was quite the day!


Well we went to the district track meet today. Students in grades 3,4 and 5 get to compete in discus, shot put, high jump, long jump, 100 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters, medley relay and 4×100 relay. We took 39 kids which is a lot less than usual, and it went pretty well! We had one child have three melt downs, we had another go to the park and tell a parent, but not a teacher, and we had two parents drive me crazy about drivers (I hope I don’t get into trouble!). Overall, not a bad day:)


I survived L’s bootcamp after school too. The tabatas increased in length by five seconds. The first four pairs were:

Elevated bicycles/side mountain climbers

Double banded squat to abductors/ banded single arm row

Medicine ball slam to squat jump/ standing crunch

Banded hip bridge/ iso bridge with tricep extensions

We did thirty seconds of frog jumps between each of these.

The next four were:

Banded bench superwoman to abductor/ banded pulse squat with alternate leg lift

Lateral lunge to upright row

Lateral step up with hop

Bench crossovers

We did thirty seconds of burpees between each of these.

It’s funny because at the time I was super hot, sweaty and tired, but as I write this I want to get up and do more of some of these🤣

This evening I missed my run since I was napping, but I did go to Zumba. The instructor is so happy! I still am going the wrong way most of the time, but there’s the odd move that I’m starting to get. I told my friend Cori that I need some tutorials on some of the moves!


I finally finished Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating. The storyline was good, and I especially liked how the ending showed the future, however, the character of Hazel drove me nuts. She is portrayed as a woman who has no filter and no self control, but she’s a teacher. She wouldn’t last a Day in the classroom without self control and a filter. This drove me crazy through the whole book!😖


I only got one row of my sock done. Just too tired and ended up falling asleep.


Another not great day- I guess I don’t deal with change in routine well.

Breakfast- scone with peanut butter

Recess: grape tomatoes with everything but the bagel seasoning

Lunch: coconut chips

Snack: gummy bears (a student bought them for me when his mom gave him money for a snack at the concession- he even made sure they said gf😀)

Dinner: granola

Have fun!