It was a busy day, but with fun things:)


I headed out this morning to do the Woodhaven Swamp up and over. I definitely didn’t remember how uphill it was! We ended up walking a lot of the uphill but then enjoyed the downhill. Sarah was even screaming “wheeeeee” on our way down the hill. We went around the swamp, but I started us off on the wrong path. It worked out though because we ran into two cute guys walking two cute labs:) Why don’t I meet these guys when I’ll see them again?

We ended up trying a different route back, but it worked out and I think next time we’ll go that route there and back so we can run all of it.

This evening I also got my usual routine done- 50 banded squats, 50 plié squats, 50 dips, 50 pushups, 25 crunches, 25 reverse crunches, 25 bicycle crunches, 25 Russian twists.

I purposely didn’t do lunges as I haven’t done them a lot and I don’t want to hurt for my long run tomorrow. I’ll just have to make sure I start including them more often!


I grabbed my mom for company and hit the library one town over. Yes I have read all the books I’m going to in my town’s library. I returned books and when I went to take books out, it wouldn’t let me:( It turned out they had put a note on my account to get me to go to the front desk because I had left my knitting needles in the knitting book I returned. I am so glad they found them as they were a pair of my expensive Addi Turbo needles!

I went to the thrift store and came home with some new running clothes and two cute dresses to wear to work which is almost what I went for🤣

I also stopped at the salon to get a pedicure gift certificate for my sister in law as her birthday was on Wednesday. It seemed like the perfect present for this time of year.

I also introduced my mom to the Green Mustache cafe. We shared the waddles.

We stopped at home for a cup of tea, but then I decided I needed a second look at a couch I had seen. I’m glad I went back as the second time I saw them I realized it definitely wasn’t the couch for me.

I did put the time at the mall to good use and used my David’s Tea gift card. I got Forever Nuts which I know I like and then two new teas, Alpine Punch and Banana Grapefruit that I’ll tell you about when I try them. They sure smelled good in the store though!


I brought my mom home and have been enjoying their cable tv.

We watched A Harvest Wedding with Jill Wagner. It seemed cute, but didn’t really feel chemistry between the two main characters.

I also watched Love at First Dance which was cute and the characters seemed right for each other. The ending was also very sweet and I have to admit to liking Niall Matter! I would recommend this one over the other.


I have finally chosen my next two knitting projects. It seemed much easier once HPKCHC was back to help me decide what to work on. I’m going to do a pair of socks first and then my black cardigan. I’ll go from there.


I had a pretty good eating day:)

A slice of crustless quiche

An apple- half with peanut butter and half with cheese because I wanted the best of both worlds

A half of an order of buckwheat banana waffles with figs, chia seed jam and cashew cream and half of a mango smoothie

Half of a chicken breast and four strawberries

What I’m thankful for:

1) having nature at my doorstep that is beautiful and safe for me to run in

2) having a mom who is similar enough that hanging out is fabulous, even when we do nothing exciting

3) encountering nice people in the world who go the extra step to help others

Well that’s it for me tonight.

Have fun!


21 thoughts on “A Busy Saturday

  1. Oh wow… I loved your list…
    Nature was really on your doorstep. I am in awe of you, the way you are so active throughout the day.
    I loved that you and your mum are great friends.
    It seemed like a great Saturday all together. Thanks for movie recommendations was that on Netflix. I am in need of some cuteness myself

    1. I am very lucky where I live that there is ocean, forest, mountains, beaches, everything really within minutes of my place:)
      Yup my mom is definitely a great friend!
      The movie was on one of our regular cable channels.

  2. I have left bookmarks in library books a thousand times! To the point that my middle school library teacher used to check the book before taking it!

  3. sounds like a great day to me. banana grapefruit tea sounds like a strange combination, it will be interesting to hear what you think of it.

    how cool it is that the library not only kept your needles for you, but flagged your account in order to get them back to you.

    So you now know that on Saturday mornings you will have to run that trail until you find the two cute guys with the two cute dogs. Then if you actually meet them again it will be the start of a Hallmark movie!

    1. I was amazed by how good the banana grapefruit smelled and tasted. They were sampling it cold, so I just hope it’s as good warm!
      I know! I was really impressed they took the measures to make sure I got my needles back, especially since they’re $30 needles!
      Heehee that would be a good Hallmark movie!

    1. I keep trying to remind myself to do that on Sunday but I always forget so decided just to do it when I remember!

  4. I love that you love to hang out with your mom! I am so glad you library had your needles! WOW have a good week at school. We are counting down for zach but he teaches until 6/21

    1. Yup I’m lucky to have the mom I have:)!
      I am so thankful to the library folks as I would have been really upset with myself for losing those needles!
      I teach right until June 28th this year

  5. That does sound like a lovely, busy day. How wonderful that the library folks found your needles and made sure to get them back to you 🙂 And sounds like you and your Mom had fun running around together as well!

    1. Yes I was super impressed with the library people! We did have fun- just nice to have company on errands:)

  6. Your librarians are the greatest! I used to go to the library once a week when I was working, and I always enjoyed the people working there. Now that I’m retired, I don’t have time to read.

  7. Love when mistakes turn into something good! Love what you said about your mom- moms are theee best ❤ So love that thankful list. Thanks for sharing, AJ!

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