Saturday turned out better than expected for me:)


I have to admit to getting a little ticked. Normally Sarah and I meet around 8:45 for our run on Saturday, but yesterday it was 10:45:( We we’re doing the local dyke run and there was no shade to be seen and it was 22 degrees when we started. Needless to say we didn’t make the full ten we had planned:( 7.6km would have to do.

This is where we were, but picture it with beaming hot sun instead of clouds🤣


I did manage to finish my latest Net Galley book, Puppy Love by Lucy Gilmore. This book is about Sophie and Harrison. Harrison is a wildfire firefighter who has diabetes that has gotten the better of him lately. In order to go back to the job he loves he has to have a service dog. Enter Sophie, a woman who trains service dogs.

The information about service dogs was super interesting in this book! I had no idea that there were service dogs for diabetics.

I did find the characters were well described and portrayed, however, they weren’t really to my taste.

If you are interested in service dogs you would probably enjoy this book.


I was prepared for a quiet day at home on the couch, but I got an unexpected text from my friend Michelle. She was heading to the states for a quick shopping trip and wanted me to come along. I jumped at this as she was going places I had never been.

We started with the Bass Outlet, but everything there was too big for me:(

We then headed to Burlington Coat Factory. Michelle found a cute tank, but once again I struck out. That was okay with me though as I’ve always wanted to go there!

After that we stopped for dinner and then headed to Trader Joe’s. I have always wanted to go to Trader Joe’s as people told me it would be the perfect place for me. I did find the store incredibly busy!!! I concentrated on products I couldn’t find at home and did find a few things to try:)

From Trader Joe’s we headed to Fred Meyer. I again bought a few food items I hadn’t seen at home, and there will probably be a lot of non-dairy yogurt reviews over the next few days 🤣. The most exciting thing about Fred Meyer though was that they had a great kids shoe department! I got to try on fifteen different pairs of shoes! Thankfully I only came home with two pairs:)

After this it was a quick stop for gas and then home again.


I was having an excellent eating day and the plan was to be super careful on this weekend where I would just be staying home. This was derailed by my shopping trip. I had:

Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with celery

Lunch: lettuce, Caesar dressing and tilapia filet

Snack: coconut chips

Dinner: chips, salsa, guacamole, 2 tacos

I forgot how big portions are in the states. This was their small combo, of which I ate very little.

The food was great, but next time I will know just to get one “side taco” so it doesn’t come with all this other food as it’s wasted on me.

Well I’m off to get on with my day!

Have fun!


22 thoughts on “Surprise Invitation

    1. It was interesting, but I have to admit something wasn’t to my taste- don’t really know what it was. I did find the service dog stuff interesting though!
      Have a great week too!

  1. What a fun day!

    I like Trader Joe’s, but the local one has a parking lot the size of a postage stamp. You have to go with a companion — one to shop and one to drive around waiting for the shopper to come out.

      1. I bet! I don’t think it will be a regular trip for me, but it was nice to finally see it

  2. The Burlington Coat Factory is certainly hit or miss!! Better luck next time for sure!! Those tacos look awesome. I love leftovers, so Mexican food is some of my favorite because it always makes for a second meal- more bang for the buck 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was a great day! I love the shoes too and can’t wait to wear them but they’re calling for rain here all week:(

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