It ended on a fun note.


Well I started early with track practice and teaching children to pass a baton. You’ve never heard so much clattering!

We had Writer’s Workshop first thing this morning and covered persuasive writing. They did so well! Of course they are children so they are experts at being persuasive.

We got the measurement assessment done and our math drill. Every day we review the math addition facts for the number of the week (this week is the 8+ facts) to a movement. Today they chose pushups😳omg I think they’re trying to kill me!

Finally this afternoon we started our mini unit on Force and Motion. Its perfect- they don’t know much and they have lots of questions!


I got home quick for a run to and around the park. It was just 4.7km and not super fast, but it felt so nice to get out! Unfortunately this was my only exercise today:(


I did have a stellar eating day- I resisted tortilla chips that were sitting right in front of me and had a relatively healthy meal at the pub!

Breakfast- hard boiled egg

Recess- yogurt – had the Trader Joe’s cultured coconut yogurt- vanilla flavour

Once again it was a larger serving and quite thick, but it had that odd taste to it:(

Lunch- celery with cheese and hummus and one of my mini scones

Snack- an orange

Dinner- the salmon bowl.

I didn’t eat the rice and I think next week I’ll ask them to put it over salad greens, but it was yummy!


Tonight was trivia at the pub again. We actually had six people and got about 3/4 of the questions right each time. It drives me nuts how the same team wins every time though:(

Some of the questions I knew:

Who is Bob Seger’s backup band?

The Silver Bullet Band

How long is an Olympic marathon?

42.2km like every other marathon

What was William Shakespeare’s mother’s name?


How many Stanley Cup Playoff games have the Vancouver Canucks played in?


Which state is the US Tennis open played in?

New York

Which country did the Romans call Caledonia?


There were many more, but I’m tired and need sleep!

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

    1. Lol I know I certainly would. What’s sad is I didn’t get the Saskatchewan or the penguin question right and I’ve taught about both!

  1. I love pub trivia. Our team is one that wins every time we go. With the current team, which I’ve been playing with for about 2 years, we’ve only lost once. But, to make it more fair, we don’t go weekly and we vary the pubs we go to so we aren’t irritating the same crowd each time. If people stop showing up because we are there, there’s no fun in a lack of competition!

    1. Ya it isn’t so much fun for the rest of us. We suspect this team may follow the quizmaster from pub to pub and there are thirty people on the team!😢

      1. Oh! Our quizzes here only allow 6 people per team. Which does absolutely keep things more fair. 30 is a huge brain trust, there’s no way to compete with that!

      2. Exactly! Someone on that team is going to always know the answer. My team has six and my friend’s team has 8 which is more the norm

  2. sounds like a great day. I can’t believe you were doing push ups in school… .you are crazy! Glad you had fun at trivia

  3. Once again, amazed at your trivia knowledge!!! And … once again, I didn’t know any hahah. That salmon dish looks oh so yummy. I haven’t had fish for dinner in a few weeks- now I am cravin’ it!

    1. I really don’t know much- we get about 10/15 each round but a lot of it is three of the others on the team!
      The salmon bowl was so good! I think I’ll get it over lettuce next week though instead of rice. I’m craving seafood now too!

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