It didn’t go according to plan, but it was still good.


Today we accomplished printing, introduced the concept of time and drew pictures of us playing and learning at school. Not the most productive day at school for the kids, but I got 200 labels completed for the track meet, met with nine different kids and moved events around and got the parent drivers organized. I definitely feel sorry for my students during track season:(

I did finally get a picture of our dinosaur art:)


After having an unplanned nap, I got out for an easy run. Just over to the park. I’m realizing that I’m most comfortable with 3-4km runs, but at least on Saturday and Sunday I’m pushing that a bit.

I headed over to Zumba with Cori, but we met Lyndsay in the parking lot and ended up talking with her instead of going to Zumba. As a person who is super shy and quiet and doesn’t have a ton of friends, I think times like this are probably just as important as exercise!


Not a perfect day, but not horrible either. I’m okay with having extra veggies and an orange. I had:

Breakfast- hard boiled egg

Recess: yogurt and a mandarin orange

Lunch: celery and cheese, veggies and hummus

Snack: cinnamon raisin scone

Dinner: sausage patty, a pepper and hummus, cucumber and cheese

I need to clear out my freezer so I can buy more seafood as that’s really what I wanted with my veggies tonight!

Well that’s it for me I have to go figure out changing the CO2 canister on my soda stream.

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “Just as Important

    1. Oh I never thought of it that way. I was quite pleased with my student’s work, but my co teacher wasn’t pleased with hers so we mixed them all up

  1. I love kids’ art – thanks for sharing! I have a friend whose husband professionally mounted and framed a selection of all their kids art – it is an impressive display in their upstairs hallways.

  2. the dino art came out really cool. it’s fun seeing older kids direct drawings…. my preK kiddos versions are not quite as realistic looking,

  3. That dino art is great! Good for your students! I can’t believe how LITTLE you eat! How do you have the energy to run and teach? 🙂

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